Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall – Official FAQ

First of all, we wanted to thank all of you for the incredible response to our announcement! We’ve been working years on this game and it has been amazing to be finally able to share it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall a sequel, prequel or a DLC?

The game is a sequel and will continue the story of King Eryk of Davern.

Will the sequel be a direct continuation of the story?

The story for the sequel will be a direct continuation and will pick up a year after the final events from Yes, Your Grace.

Do I need to play Yes, Your Grace Part 1 before the sequel?

No – we don’t want to require players to play the first game. Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall is designed so that both new and existing players can enjoy the story.

Is the gameplay going to be the same as Yes, Your Grace Part 1?

It will be very similar in many ways, but the management mechanics have been redesigned from scratch to allow for more replayability, randomised queue and more in-depth resource management.

Will Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall have more branching narrative?

We always strive for the best and although we would love to have multiple narrative paths that will change the game significantly, we believe this would be a big compromise to the core story-line. The main story beats will remain the same, but with plenty of variations to make sure your journey and choices you make along the way are unique to your play-through.

Will my decisions carry over to the new game?

We’re working out the best way to approach this. When we were making Yes, Your Grace, we never anticipated to gather such a big audience, so we never planned to have a sequel in the works. The launch blew our expectations and our inbox filled with sequel requests. We are doing our best to respect player decisions from the first game although there will be some instances where we might be unable to do that (such as main characters dying).

Will I be able to play as the Queen?

We can’t share any information on the Queen Aurelea at the moment as we feel like it would be a massive spoiler for the story of the upcoming game.

How long will Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall be?

We don’t know yet, but we are aiming for it to be longer than Yes, Your Grace Part 1.

When is the game coming out?

Sometime in 2024.

Will the game come to consoles? Which ones?

Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall will release on PC and shortly after it will be released on consoles. It will come to Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Will there be a beta I can sign up for?

Yes! You can sign up for the beta on our website to get notified when you can pick up your crown again. We will be sending out more information on that soon!

Why do we have to wait so long for the game, I want to play it now!

Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall, although still in Unity, is being re-worked from scratch to allow for better performance, new gameplay systems (randomised queue!) and making the game easier to update with new content after release. Because of this, we’re taking a lot of steps and care so that the final game you receive is going to be the absolute best experience we can deliver, and all this takes a lot of time!

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