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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stampede: Racing Royale?

Stampede: Racing Royale is a 60-player kart racing game, coming to Steam via Early Access. Stampede combines thrilling 60-player events with a thrilling, competitive knockout-style system, challenging all players to lead the herd, take the win, and be the last kart standing. Players compete in a wide range of events, unlock kart and character customisation items, and discover new challenges and rewards to constantly race for.

What platforms can I play Stampede: Racing Royale on?

Stampede: Racing Royale will be available on PC via Steam. Any potential details on additional playable platforms will be shared at a later date.

How much does Stampede: Racing Royale cost?

Nothing! Stampede: Racing Royale is completely free to play. From Early Access, the in-game Store offers players the option to purchase cosmetic items that do not affect performance in events, if they wish.

When can I play?

Stampede: Racing Royale will be available on Steam, via Early Access, in 2023. Before Early Access, we will also be running Steam Playtests. Check out our Steam page to see how to sign up for Playtests, and follow our social channels for details on when the game will be playable.

Will I be playing the full game during a Steam Playtest?

Stampede: Racing Royale remains in development. This means any version of the game that is playable in Steam Playtests is a work in progress. Some aspects of Stampede planned for Early Access and beyond will not feature for this reason. However, the Steam Playtests will feature the core gameplay experience and knockout system, along with a range of features, customisation items, and more. Full details on features and content will be shared with players ahead of any Steam Playtest.

Is there a minimum PC spec for the game?

We are currently finalising the details regarding required and recommended PC specifications, and will share more as soon as possible.

Is Stampede: Racing Royale multiplayer?

Yes! Events in Stampede: Racing Royale always begin with 60 participants, battling at the same time to be the winner.

Is there a split-screen option?

At this stage there is no split-screen option, or local multiplayer option for Stampede: Racing Royale. All multiplayer action takes place online.

Is an online connection required to play?

Yes. As all events in Stampede: Racing Royale are online multiplayer, an internet connection is required to participate.

Where do I receive in-game rewards?

For any in-game rewards that you do not automatically redeem, head to your Inbox, accessible via the game’s home page. Your Inbox will receive messages that include attached rewards for you to redeem. We’ll be adding more rewards, and ways to earn them, through Early Access and beyond.

Can I make more than one character or kart?

Players have one character and kart assigned to their profile. However, you can change all the customisation options of your character or kart, as often as you like.

Can I use a keyboard or a controller to play the game?

Yes. Whilst we recommended connecting a controller, players can use either a mouse and keyboard, or a Steam-compatible controller, to play Stampede: Racing Royale. Buttons and mapping options can be found in the in-game Options menu.

Where can I find out more about Stampede: Racing Royale?

We’ll be sharing all news on Stampede: Racing Royale via Steam News/Announcements. You can also follow our social channels on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook to stay up to date.

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