Tower Song – Official FAQ

This guide will outline some FAQs as well as some supplemental information about the game that may be helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will the game be released?

The game will release on November 22nd, 2023.

What is the recommended way to play?

We recommend playing with a controller or a keyboard to play. While you can play the game with a mouse, it is not officially supported nor recommended.


Can I switch my chosen Mana Knight during the game?

No; your choice of Mana Knight is permanent, and cannot be changed mid-game.

What is Tower Dust used for?

Tower Dust is used for crafting new equipment and upgrading equipment you have in your inventory. You can do so by interacting with the campfire at various camps throughout the game.

What are Mods, and how do I equip them?

Mods (aka Skill Mods) are unlocked midway through the demo experience. Mods may grant new skills, upgrade existing skills, or add new passive effects to alter the way your party members work in combat. Once Tier 1 Modifications are unlocked, the “Mods” command in the Main Menu will become enabled, and you will be able to select that option from the Main Menu to equip your Mods.

Mods can be swapped out at any time outside of combat. Try out different builds and find the best combinations to overcome various encounters!

What’s up with Tali’s cards?

Tali will automatically draw two Tarot cards at the start of her turn. These cards dictate what spells are available for her to use on that turn. As the game progresses, Tali will learn skills to manipulate the cards further.

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