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In this post we will published some information on frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the game about?

You’re the galaxy’s first robo reporter, and you’ve just landed an internship with the Times & Galaxy, the Dorp system’s most trusted holopaper. It’s up to you to show everyone you can get the scoop. Write great stories and impress your colleagues, and maybe you’ll get to keep your job!

Who made it?

Alberta-based indie studio Copychaser Games Inc., who were founded in 2017 by Ben Gelinas, a former newspaper reporter who has spent more than a decade working in AAA and indie game development. Copychaser’s previous game was the death-positive, wholesome horror game Speed Dating for Ghosts (SDFG).

Is this a journalism simulator?

It’s definitely not a simulator! It’s a game about the love of doing good ol’ fashioned newspaper reporting. In space. Writers on the dev team worked as journalists before entering the games industry and the game is heavily inspired by their experiences and real journalistic practice. You do the legwork, you choose what stories to cover and how you cover them, literally building each story in the build a story tool.

How many characters / aliens are in it?

Glad you asked. There were, like, 100 when we last counted..

Will you localize the game?

There are a few challenges involved in localizing Times & Galaxy, including having a high word count and needing to ensure the jokes work. However, we are currently exploring localization and hope to bring the game to at least some languages other than English at launch or soon after.

How long is the demo?

You’ll get a good 90 mins out of it if you’re thorough!

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