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What is The King’s Campaign?

The King’s Campaign is a hybrid of Grand Strategy and Real-Time Strategy gameplay set in Medieval Europe and North Africa, where you play as the ruler of one of 28 kingdoms and you manage your cities, engage in diplomacy and direct your armies on the world map before plunging into battle and commanding your troops directly on the battlefield.

Do I need to own Medieval Kingdom Wars?

No. The King’s Campaign is a separate standalone version of the Royal Blood DLC campaign for Medieval Kingdom Wars, and includes the expanded map from the Greater World DLC.

So you could buy either The King’s Campaign or Medieval Kingdom Wars + DLC, but you don’t need both.

What if I already own Medieval Kingdom Wars?

If you already have Medieval Kingdom Wars then just get the DLC. It might also be cheaper to get the Medieval Kingdom Wars and DLC bundle during a sale.

What’s not in The King’s Campaign that is in Medieval Kingdom Wars?

The King’s Campaign does not include the Tutorial Campaign, Lord’s Campaign or Skirmish Mode that are part of the Medieval Kingdom Wars base game.

Who are Bad Logic Studios? I thought Reverie World Studios made the Kingdom Wars games.

Reverie World Studios is the developer behind the Kingdom Wars series, and Bad Logic Studios is a microstudio that will be working with Reverie on a number of upcoming projects.

Bad Logic Studios are the ones who have set up this version of the game.

The founder of Bad Logic Studios is someone who has worked extensively on all the Kingdom Wars games, including all DLCs and expansions.

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