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Nice to know before you play System Shock Remake:

  • Citadel Station is full of secrets! Scour every corner!
  • All of the patches can be immensely useful – be sure to experiment with them!
  • Some enemies are far weaker or are nearly invulnerable to particular ammunition types. There’s a pattern to what is effective and what isn’t though.
  • Stuck? Be sure to read the logs carefully!

Where can I buy and play the System Shock Remake?

First you can play the System Shock Remake on your PC. The game is available on Steam, Epic and GOG (Release: Tuesday, May 30th 5 pm CEST).

Can I play on consoles?

Not yet, but we are working hard to bring System Shock remake to consoles in the near future.

My game looks pixelated on some textures and items. Is this a bug or is my graphics card too weak?

It’s a design feature to combine the retro look of the original 1994 System Shock Remake with modern lighting and effects.

Is there multiplayer or cooperative play?

No, you have to face SHODAN alone.

Is the voice of SHODAN AI generated?

No, we did not use any AI tools in development and for SHODAN were happy to work again with the original voice actress of the 1994 classic (Terri Brosius).

I’ve seen SHODAN walking among us – how is this possible?

Lightning cosplay created an avatar for her to walk the earth. Enjoy the making of on youtube (link to be set once available)

I am weak and SHODAN is godlike. Are there cheats codes?

While there are no cheat codes, you can dial in exactly the type of experience you want on the Difficulty Config screen when starting a new game. Don’t feel like dealing with tough enemies or puzzles? Set Combat or Puzzle difficulty to 1!

Can I change the difficulty again and again?

You aren’t able to change your difficulty after starting a new game. This is because all of the items and enemies on Citadel Station are generated right when you click “New Game”.

I cannot solve a puzzle – am I stuck forever?

Not at all! There are typically multiple ways to get to a destination if a puzzle is blocking one access to it. Additionally, there are Logic Probe items that you can find across Citadel Station which, when used on a puzzle junction box, will solve any puzzle instantly.

Can I use my Xbox or Playstation Controller with System Shock Remake?

(Control Scheme) Yes! While Xbox controllers are supported out of the box on PC, you will have to use a utility like Steam Controller if you want to use other controllers. A basic gamepad configuration will work just fine though!

Can I map mouse and keyboard freely – or even my gamepad?

Absolutely. Every action can be reassigned on both Mouse+Keyboard and Controller respectively in the Controls options.

Can I play System Shock Remake on Steam Deck?

Yes! And it runs great!

Is copyright protected music in the game? – Is there a streamer mode?

There is a single copyright protected track in the game, which plays during the credits of the game.

Can I play System Shock Remake offline?

Yes, System Shock Remake is entirely an offline game.

Where can I find my saved games (by default)?

C:\Users[username]\Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\SystemShock

What to do with all the junk I collect in the game?

Vaporize (sorry, it’s final once you vaporize something) and recycle at vending machines.

Why and how to recycle and what benefits do I get?

Recycling junk items and scrap will yield in Tri-Credits, the currency on Citadel Station. They will allow you to purchase weapons and upgrades, ammunition, and healing items.

Why is it beneficial to destroy all security cameras?

Every move you make, every breath you take, …SHODAN is watching your every move through them. Lowering her security will undoubtedly be good for your survival, right?

Can I filter log files?

Yes, they are filterable by Level by clicking on the respective level along the left side of the Media Tab in the MFD.

There are not many details on the small map. Can I change this somehow?

While you cannot change how detailed the minimap is, you can view a much larger map which you can zoom into on the Map tab of the MFD.

I found another weapon of that type – can I recycle it or can my weapon get damaged and I need to replace it?

You cannot. It would be impossible to defeat SHODAN if we allowed you to vaporize or recycle every weapon. (There’s plenty of junk though, so you’re not missing out on many Tri-Credits!)

Can I run System Shock Remake in window mode?

Yes, this is accessed from the Display settings in the Options Screen. You can also toggle fullscreen/windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter.

Does System Shock Remake support ultra widescreen mode?

The main gameplay does! Cutscenes are limited to just 16:9 widescreen however.

Can I switch from 1st person to 3rd person view?

No, System Shock Remake is intended to exclusively be a first person immersive sim horror game.

Are there lootboxes in the game?

Nope, you have to work through Citadel Station and discover weapons and items on your own (and a purple skin on your weapon would look rather silly, right?)

Can I change the look to real modern in settings or by modding?

Currently not, but we hope to introduce modding features allowing such changes in the future.

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