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General Information

What is Sticky Business?

Find out what it is like to run your own cozy small business! Get creative and build stickers, arrange sticker sheets, pack orders, and hear more about your customers’ stories every time they buy stickers! Improve your sticker business day by day and build the cutest shop on the internet.

You want a collection of cat stickers? A witch-themed shop? Or add a derpy face to all your creations?

Combine dozens of elements to create your own collection and sell them to like-minded people. Different stickers attract different customers! You can add some sparkle effects to make them even more special!

Pack orders and hear more about your customers’ stories every time they buy stickers!

What are the features of Sticky Business?

Get creative and build the cutest stickers out of thousands of possible combinations!

Optimize your sticker production by building the perfect sticker sheets and make as much use of your resources as possible!

Pack orders for your customers and hear about their lives!

Buy upgrades to get more sticker graphics and to make your shop even more exciting!

When will Sticky Business release?

Sticky Business will be released in Summer 2023.

If you want to look at the style of the game first, you can play the free demo here on Steam!

Is/Will Steam Deck be (fully) supported?

As the application process is still shrouded in mystery to both developers and publishers alike, it is tough to say now. If Steam/Valve might get across our game and kicks off the process, we surely will look into Steam Deck and try to get it properly supported upon release and hopefully verified at some point.

However, at this point we cannot make any promises or guarantee anything so far!

Which languages will Sticky Business support upon release?

We are working to get as many languages as possible available.

Currently, the game will feature texts in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese – Brazil, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Spanish – Spain. Additional languages are not planned yet.

General Gameplay Questions

Will my progress in the currently available demo transfer to the fully released game in Summer 2023?

No, this will not be possible and is not planned.

Will the game feature controller support?

Partial Controller support is definitely included. Because of Sticker naming and alike, in some cases you simply need your keyboard.

Will the game feature Steam Cloud functionality?

Yes, save your progress and play wherever you are.

Will Sticky Business feature an auto-save function?

Yes, your creativity is saved! The game will continuously save the progress of your little business and your Sticker creations.

Is a Linux/MacOS version planned?

MacOS is planned for release, however, there are no plans on adding a Linux support.

Any plans to release Sticky Business on consoles?

We would love to release Sticky Business on multiple platforms, but we can’t confirm any consoles yet. Right now, our main focus is Windows and Mac (Steam).

Any plans to release Sticky Business on Mobile devices?

No. We don’t have plans to release on mobile platforms.

How much will it cost?

We haven’t announced a price yet, nor do we have a final pricing yet. We will let you know as soon as we know more! However, don’t be afraid, as the game will definitely not have an A+ game tag upon release.

Any details on the gameplay time?

This is a tough question and cannot be properly answered, due to the nature of the game. You have infinite playtime, as when unlocking all Stickers, there are still thousands of combinations to let your creativity flow. When it comes to unlocking all upgrades, stickers, and meeting all special customers, we would have a rough estimation of XX hours of playtime, to unlock everything.

Will Sticky Business any kind of multiplayer and/or coop?

No, Sticky Business is a pure, relaxing single-player experience, without any pressure to achieve or to compete in any kind of way.

But, we have implemented a Twitch-Integration, where viewers can mimic ingame customers, to give you even more ways to fulfill orders.

Game Information

Which engine are you using for Sticky Business?

Sticky Business is making use of the Unity engine.

Who is developing Sticky Business?

Sticky Business is developed by Spellgarden Games, a fresh and newly in 2022 founded indie dev studio, from Stuttgart, Germany. But let’s have the devs introduce themselves:

We are Kathrin, Sophie, Zoë and Kasimir – your friendly indie-hood game developers. After working on various indie games, we decided it was time to embark on our next adventure in the game industry with our own little studio. Our goal is simply to create wholesome and fun games for everyone to enjoy. So, take a seat, feel the grass between your toes and take a deep breath while we plant our next creative projects.

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