Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Moomin game?

Yes, this game is developed with the support from Moomin Characters.

Who is the developer?

Hyper Games! We’re a creative and passionate bunch that comes from Norway.

Do you have a publisher?

Yes, it’s Raw Fury! We (un)publish games, strongly believe that games are art and are based in Sweden.

Which platforms does the game release on?

PC and consoles. We’ll announce the precise platforms closer to the release date.

When does the game release?

Q1 2024.

Where does the story of the game come from?

It’s based on the stories from books, comics and novels by the original author of Moomins Tove Jansson but the game’s story is completely original.

What kind of characters are there in the game?

On your journey in Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley you’ll meet more than 50 unique characters, creatures and inhabitants – all of them come from the original stories and novels written by Tove Jansson.

Does the game focus on Snufkin?

Yes, the game is about Snufkin coming back from his winter travels to find the valley changed. In your quest to find out what is happening and how to restore harmony, the adventure will take you to multiple locations and areas across all of Moominvalley as you will get to meet more than 50 other original characters, creatures and inhabitants from the original Moomin stories and novels.

Is this a co-op?

No, it’s a single-player adventure.

Is it free-to-play?

No, it’s a standalone single-player adventure.

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