Silica – Strategy Game Mode FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can be on a server at a time for this mode?

  • The current limit of total people on a Strategy game mode server is 12.

Can players choose any role or must someone fill the Commander role?

  • If in a given team a player does not take the Commander role, it is left up the the AI, which handles building structures, producing units, harvesting resources, researching higher technological tiers, defending the base and attacking units.

Are players distributed among the teams or may I choose?

  • Players may choose which team to join themselves, as well as which role, be it Commander (RTS) or Infantry (FPS). They may switch teams and roles at any time, though the Commander role may only be switched to if there is no other player in that role for that team at the time.

Can more than one player be a Commander for a single team?

  • Currently no, however feedback has indicated this is desirable, so in future it may be possible.

How many players may be on a single team?

  • Any number of players may be on a single team up to the maximum. This means you may start a game where 3 factions fight for dominance yet 12 players are on one faction with none on the other two.

Can I start a game if I am the only player?

  • Yes, you can start the game even if you are the only player, and this is irrelevant of whether you play as the Commander (RTS) or Infantry (FPS).
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