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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Robocraft 2

Robocraft 2 is the sequel to Robocraft. You can build machines out of scalable blocks and various parts, bring them to life and then battle against others online in epic 5vs5 online combat. The game uses server-side physics to handle all in-game physics and this creates some exciting opportunities for players to ram, shove and create melee-style weaponry for combat. There are a lot of benefits to working on a sequel which gives us more powers as developers and in turn provides greater creative freedom to players.

Do I have to build?

No, You can use the CRF to download robots created by others and you can even customise their look with colour palettes and cosmetic options.

What is the progression system?

We have a Seasonal Battle Matrix which will allow you to earn cosmetic items for your player character, machines and your profile. Every time you complete a battle online you’ll receive exp, once you’ve earned enough to level up you’ll be given tech points which can be used to travel through the Battle Matrix. These seasonal progression systems will last around three months, after which many of the items will be put into the item shop rotation at a higher cost.

Can I play with friends?

We are working on a friends and party system and hope to release that in the very near future! At the moment, if you are in the same region as a friend, we recommend pressing the “Play” button at the same time to increase your chances of being put in a game together.

Will Robocraft 2 be released on consoles?

We plan to focus on proving if Robocraft 2 can be successful and sustainable on PC first as we’re just a small team of around 20 devs. If we get enough traction on the PC launch then we can look to scale the team and add console versions. We are designing the control systems with gamepads in mind and have experience porting to consoles so it is feasible but not something we’re actively working on

Will there be loot crates?


How do I increase the base size of blocks?

Hold Shift and use the mouse wheel to scale blocks from 1x1x1 up to 3x3x3. We encourage you to build using scaling instead of placing blocks down one at a time due to the damage system in Robocraft 2

How does the damage system work?

The damage system focuses on three main things:

The materials, Ladium is tough, Airium is weak, Moderonium is in between.

Penetration, Ladium is great at stopping shrapnel and projectiles from penetrating into your machine, Airium is like paper, and Moderonium is in between.

Welding, your blocks fall apart when the weld between them is destroyed. It is these welds that have health and not the blocks themselves. You want blocks to have large welded connections with each other and be made of tough materials if you want a tough robocraft. Strong robocraft have strong welds.

Will there be a Mac/ Linux version?

We’d like to support these platforms but this will come at a later date.

How will Robocraft 2 make money if it’s free to play?

The only things that we will sell that you cannot get for free in another way are cosmetic items with no competitive advantage. This will be done via a Seasonal Battle Pass as well as an ever-present Item Shop.

Users will also be able to buy robocraft that have been created by other players for both Robits (the free in-game earned currency) and Galaxy Cash (the pay-for-only currency). 50% of all Robits and Galaxy cash will go to the creator of the robocraft in these situations.

How Do I Change My Name?

You can change your name by going to this site.

This can be done once every 30 days.

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