R.O.O.T. – Official FAQ

After a long wait, it’s getting closer when the game will be released. Therefore, we prepared an FAQ for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the game be relaesed?

“R.O.O.T.” will begin EA on June 7th.

What contents will be contained during EA?

The Early Access version will contain about 90 levels and multiple different gameplay mechanisms. You can also experience the spread of the world view and the content of the first act of the story from the plot.

Even in the EA stage, the experience of each level of the game is still complete, so don’t worry.

What’s the difference in full-realeased version?

The full version of the game will contain more levels, complete game plots, more new gameplay systems, and more optimizations. Please look forward to it~

I’ve played DEMO version.

After the game is launched, the save data of DEMO can be loaded, so there is no need to re-clear the level.

What is the operation mode of the game?

The game supports keyboard and controller.

What platforms does the game support?

The game currently only supports PC with Windows.

Who’s the developer of the game?

We are theArkitect. An indie game studio located in Beijing that has been established for more than a year.

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