News Tower – Gameplay & Encountered Issues FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

My production chain isn’t working. My typesetter is stuck in a line

  • Make sure that all your food providers and toilets have resources. Your typesetter can get stuck in line due to a lack of resources.

My chain isn’t working. My employee is just standing at the desk (broken desk)

  • It could be that your desk was broken by the mafia when they visited and you didn’t have anybody to repair it. In this case, you should hire a repair utility employee and assign them to a workbench so they can get repairing!

Is there a financial overview and where do I see my loan balance?

  • Yes, if you click on the money counter in the main HUD, it opens the finance menu.
  • The tutorial does refer to it when it advises you to take a loan.
  • The loan menu can also be found here and shows your loan balance.

The Mafia asks for a purple tag, where do I find it?

  • This is a special mafia tag that doesn’t give sales. It can be found in normal news items that spawn on the globe. The tag will only spawn when an NPC quest is active. (All NPC factions have their own type.) The quest introduction gives a small hint about what category the tag can be found in.
  • The Mafia Quest “Time to start playing ball” tells about a sports event.
  • So, in this case, the Mafia tag will be in a sports category news item.

My reporter just stands outside and isn’t coming in (Protesters)

  • There might be protesters in front of your building which block reporters from entering the building and dropping off their reports at the typesetters.
  • make sure you hire security employees to remove the protesters from blocking your tower entrance.

How do subscribers work?

  • Subscribers are just guaranteed newspaper sales for now.
  • As long as you at least print one newspaper, they will always buy it.
  • Where normal “loose” sales are based on the tag you printed.
  • We will upgrade this system a bit while in EA.

In the content drawer I don’t see the progress bars on my news items anymore.

  • At the top of the side drawer, you can see these arrows: you can toggle between showing the tags online, showing title and tags, or fully open with the sub item progression bars underneath.

Part of my News item is ready but another sub part is still in progress. Can I stop that part and only print the already done part?

  • Yes! If you open the right content drawer, you can see the sub item progression bars underneath. On the far right side of every sub/story-file part, there is a trash bin icon to delete that part. It removes that sub part of the item.

I’m experiencing issues with mouse controls in the game (e.g., unable to drag and drop items, difficulty interacting with the interface, buttons flickering)

  • We’ve observed that certain controllers, particularly joysticks, throttles or racing wheels, can interfere with mouse controls in News Tower. If you encounter control issues, we recommend unplugging these controllers to see if it resolves the problem.
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