Kill The Climbers – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kill The Climbers?

Kill The Climbers (or KTC) is a retro roguelite arcade game where you play as a mountain and yeti with the goal of defending the peak. Use your quick wits, skillshot-slinging abilities, and animal defenders to Kill The Climbers!

How much will KTC cost?

KTC will likely cost $2.99 during the Early Access period and the price may increase somewhat after the game’s full release with the addition of more content.

When will KTC be released?

KTC’s tentative Early Access release date will be in Q4 2023, with its full release slated for Q2 2024. A free demo will be available for download on September 28th, 2023.

What platforms will KTC support at release?

Initially, KTC will be playable on Windows PC and will be available for purchase on Steam and We hope to expand the game to Mac, Linux, and iOS in the future!

How much content will KTC have upon its full release?

KTC is planned to include 3 full playable levels, each with its own unique mountain, defenders, upgrades, climber enemies, boss, and more!

Who is developing KTC?

KTC is being developed by High Cal Games (HCG), a family-run indie game studio in the USA. Our passion is making fun, high caliber games!

How can I follow KTC’s development?

You can follow the development of KTC on our Discord server, the High Cal Game’s website, and on all of our social media accounts!

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