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General Information

What is Growth?

Growth is a cozy, hex-grid based soft-strategy game. Explore and populate a procedurally generated world by utilizing unique abilities of animals. Growth blends the beauty of cozy exploration with challenging navigation around obstacles such as mountains and rivers to populate fertile soil, transforming barren landscapes into lush forests, meadows and more. Experience an unforgettable mix of discovery and strategy. Start growing your own idyllic landscape!

Explore and expand an ever-growing, procedurally generated map by cleverly connecting clusters of wildlife. Claim newfound clusters or points of interest to receive additional wildlife or in some cases special rewards. As you expand the landscape you will discover new types of animals, providing unique abilities to overcome obstacles. Whether you’re looking for a quick break from work or a relaxed puzzle session, Growths intuitive gameplay lets you explore a beautiful landscape, tile by tile.

What are the features of Growth?

  • Hex-grid based soft-strategy puzzle game
  • Campaign mode with random generated maps put your problem-solving skills to the test
  • Cozy and idyllic gameplay
  • 7 different animals with unique abilities to expand your toolset for exploring
  • Points of Interest reward with additional animals and in some cases even with special ones
  • 9 different tile types allow for beautifully crafted maps
  • Highly replayable

When will Growth release?

Growth will release in Summer 2023.

If you want to look at the style of the game first, you can play the free demo!

Is/Will Steam Deck be (fully) supported?

As the application process is still shrouded in mystery to both developers and publishers alike, it is tough to say now. If Steam/Valve might get across our game and kicks off the process, we surely will look into Steam Deck and try to get it supported and hopefully verified at some point.

However, at this point we cannot make any promises or guarantee anything so far!

Which languages will Growth support upon release?

Currently, the game’s full release will feature texts in English, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Additional languages are not planned yet.

Please, be aware, the demo only offers English localization.

Will Growth offer achievements?

Yes. To increase the single-player fun, there will be quite some achievements to hunt!

General Gameplay Questions

Will my progress in the currently available demo transfer to the fully released game in Summer 2023?

No, this will not be possible and is not planned.

Will the game feature controller support?

Yes, you can also experience the full game with the comfort of your controller.

Will the game feature Steam Cloud functionality?

Would be awesome, however, this this is still something we have a look into, and we cannot make any promises, if this will work out until the release, or after.

Will Growth feature an auto-save function?

Yes, a save/load function will surely be available.

Is a Linux version or othe platforms planned?

Currently we are purely focused on a PC release, only for Win-PC and MacOS. It would be really awesome to see Growth on more platforms, especially consoles, however, if more platforms will be added after the initial release, we have to see, as please be aware that the team behind Growth, VoddooDuck, consists only of two people and thus resources are limited.

Any details on the gameplay time?

Due to the randomly generated maps, each new run is different and thus Growth offers a lot of replayability.

Will Growth feature any kind of multiplayer and/or coop?

No, Growth is a pure, relaxing single-player experience, without any pressure to achieve or to compete in any kind of way.

Game Information

Which engine are you using for Growth?

Growth is making use of the Unity engine.

Who is developing Growth?

We are Joel & Jannick, founders of VoodooDuck and the creators of Growth.

About 10 years ago, when we were studying Game Design together at college, we resolved to eventually start our own game development studio together.

But before that we wanted to get some professional experience in other game studios. So after college we worked on games like The Lord of the Rings:Gollum, Stranded Sails and Spells & Secrets.

2 years ago we went on a small vacation trip together to a small hunting lodge in a very rural part of south-western Germany. Surrounded by nature, it was there that we came up with the idea for Growth and started to develop it in our freetime. The project kept growing (hehe) and last month we finally started our own company to work on the project full time. We are really looking forward to finishing up the game and delivering you a cozy, warm exploration experience!

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