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What is Godsworn?

Godsworn is a fantasy RTS with a hero focus set during the northern crusades. There will be Baltic pagan gods, mythical creatures and semi-historical combat units. Choose a divine hero for a unique set of skills that are unlocked during a match. Gather worshippers to increase your power. Gather resources and build your base to field powerful armies.

Who is making it?

Godsworn is being developed by Thunderoak Interactive, an indie gamedev studio, with a core team of two developers. Those two are Baiba (Jackdaw) and Corne (Unicorne). We are also joined by freelancers, mostly for audio.

What engine is the game developed in?

We use Unity to develop the game.

What platforms/consoles will the game release on?

Current plans are for a Windows Steam release. Mac/Linux versions – to be determined. Console versions are unlikely.

Will there be controller support?

Currently, no. For classic RTS to work on a controller, it would require a significant amount of work in UI and other systems. We might consider it in the future if there is enough demand.

What will the system requirements be?

To be determined. However, we keep optimizing the game during development, and we have added a “potato” graphics mode.

Will there be modding support or a level editor?

Modding support or a level editor are not currently planned, but could be considered in the future.

Can the game be pre-ordered?

No, but you can wishlist the game on Steam, and later it will be available to buy in Early Access.

Early Access & Release Date

Will the game be in Early Access?

Yes, the current plan is to first release the game in Steam Early Access. As a very small studio, we find community feedback invaluable for improving the game.

When is the game going to be released?

We are planning to have the Early Access release in Q1 2024. Full 1.0 release will follow in 2025.

What will Early Access contain?

Current plan for Early Access is to have 10 skirmish maps, 2 challenge maps, 3 Baltic heroes and 1 Order hero. A part of the campaign will be playable as well, around 5 maps.


Will there be multiplayer/co-op?

Yes, there will be multiplayer, versus and co-op, across skirmish and challenge maps. The campaign is optionally co-op as well.

What is the max player count?

Current plans are for max 8 players in skirmish maps.


Will there be a campaign?

Current plans involve a single player (and optional co-op) campaign mode. The campaign will focus on the Baltic pagan tribes as they find themselves fighting a crusade. Early Access will have around 5 missions. The total at full release will be at around 10 missions, perhaps more.

How many factions/heroes are planned?

While the thematic factions are Baltic pagans and Order crusaders, the divine hero choice adds additional variation in factions. Each hero has a roster of level-up abilities, a unique building(s), mythical unit(s), special upgrades, and other features making their gameplay style unique.

For Early Access we have 3 Baltic heroes and 1 Order hero planned. For full release, the total is planned to be 4 Baltic heroes and 2 Order heroes, and potentially some additional smaller scope heroes.

Will the non-hero units have abilities too?

Yes, some units will have special active and/or passive abilities. By default, units will auto-cast these abilities, so that you can focus on casting your hero skills. Currently it’s possible to disable the auto-cast to manually target abilities, but this is subject to change.

Will the game contain base building?

Yes, there is base building and resource gathering that supports the production of your armies, defenses and acquisition of more godly powers.

What makes this game different from other RTS?

While the core is a classic RTS with base building, there are unique elements such as heroes with an ability tree, a core shrine structure that defends and heals, camp clearing to gain worshippers, and automatic worker assignment.

Godsworn also features a culture and mythology that is almost never seen in popular media – the Baltic tribes of eastern Europe.

Lore and History

Who are the Baltic tribes?

Historically, the Baltic tribes were the various tribes inhabiting the current day countries Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. These tribes had a unique culture and myth, that varied per region, and underwent a lot of change during history. Godsworn is set in the period known as the Northern Crusades.

Around the Baltic area are cultures such as Slavic, Norse and Finnic, meaning that you might recognize some elements of those cultures/myth, due to trade and cultural influences on each other.

Will this game be historically accurate?

Godsworn is strongly inspired by myth and history while remaining an original fantasy world. Some references will be made, such as castles or bishops, but they’re not meant to be representations of the real people or locations. Outfits and creatures are based in history and myth, but they should not be understood as historically accurate representations.

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