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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coral Island?

Coral Island is a traditional farming sim game set on a tropical island. Grow crops, nurture animals, befriend the islanders, go diving to save coral, and much more!

Why Early Access?

Early Access allows us to build a community, and involve you in the process of development. Our goal is to release the version of Coral Island that is polished and provides a wholesome farming experience. We believe that this can only be done through community involvement.

What sets Coral Island apart from other farm sim games?

Although Coral Island is a traditional farming sim game, we’re confident the following content and features will provide a familiar yet fresh take on the genre:

  • South East Asian inspired world-building and backdrop
  • Underwater diving mechanic to save coral and improve farm output quality
  • An ethnically diverse cast of characters, with changing seasonal outfits
  • Promoting environmental awareness through gameplay
  • Beautiful top-down open world with real-time dynamic lighting
  • Wholesome feel-good gameplay

Will there be multiplayer or coop?

Yes, we hit our Stretch Goal in Kickstarter and the initial plan is for Multiplayer to be part of patch update after the Full Release. The first step would be to implement an Island visit sometime this year (2022) and we will update it thoroughly, until the full co-op/Multiplayer we have promised.

What game engine does Coral Island use?

We are using Unreal Engine 4 to bring Coral Island to life.

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