Xenonauts 2 – Unit Stats Tips

Unit Stats

As for the stats:

TU – Second most important stat for me but generally overrated in my opinion. High TU cannot give you any extra shots, so Solders with low TU are usually still decent snipers. High TU are always good but especially for flankers. For me this means they go around the enemy to pull his overwatch cone away from my main team

Health – Don’t care much yet. Feels like with bad positioning the soldier is dead either way.

Accuracy – So far this stat feels overrated to me. Positioning and cover desctruction already give me reliable hits even when accuracy is bad. I’d rank it below TU.

Strength – Best stat in my opinion. More grenades with more range and improved accuracy for the MG.

Reflexes – Overwatch attack and defense stat. I try to get this high on my flankers but TU are more important

Bravery – So far only 1 panic. I guess it becomes very important later on with mind control and all

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