XCOM 2 – WOTC Blackscreen Fix

Blackscreen Fix (WOTC)

This is my solution or workaround to the black screen that happens when launching War of the Chosen XCOM 2 DLC.

Problem Description: When launching the game you’re unable to see what’s going on in the game, whether it be the loading screen or the main menu. This could be cause of a specific mod or it randomly happens to players and it’s quite stressful, well it has been for me. I’ve been at this for two days straight now and after some research I have a solution for those of us on windows.

Solution/Workaround: First launch your XCOM 2 WOTC (You can still keep your mods activated) when the black screen pops up, you need to press Control+Shift+Windows+B in order to refresh your screen, after a second or two you should see your game on the top left corner of your screen; at this point go to the options, go to video settings and select bordered window mode, then on top of the border maximize your screen to full screen as you would do with any other small window, then return to your video options and finally select borderless window mode and Voila, that should solve your problem.

So let’s see if I can make this troubleshooting guide easier.

  1. Launch your game.
  2. When the black screen shows up press control+Shift+Windows+B (this will refresh your screen and you’ll see a windowed version of your game on the top left of your screen).
  3. Go to the video setting in the game’s main menu option and select bordered window.
  4. In that bordered window go to the top of the border and click to maximize your screen.
  5. Now with the game back on full screen mode return to video options in the settings and select borderless window and your game should be back to normal.
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