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I spent a couple days farming kings and fiddling with traits and setup, to eventually acquire a step-by-step method of acquiring the King of Kings trait, unlocking the immortality trait. Here’s what I did that finally didn’t burn to the ground. It two a couple days of screwing around to get this because I was too stubborn to research it outside of throwing stuff around in the game. Good fun though! Enjoy.

King of Kings Achievement Guide


The King of Kings

  • Find a king with 20 traits or more, without using trait editor.

The Guide

First, we’ll start from the water up in a new world.

Go to create a new map, choose a more sizable map, which varies based on your system limitations, and choose the empty ocean map type.

Second, we make our king farm.

Dot the whole map with islands the size of the largest circular brush, which is just barely enough for a village, then slather on some enchanted forest which gives them the blessed trait for you. Next we start populating the islands with at least 12 dwarves each, dwarves since they all have a racial trait, and also since they have an affinity for the golden tooth trait. I would recommend setting up a 12 click macro, maybe even for future use in this guide.

Third, we mill around for our potential king of kings.

Shortly, the kings should be inaugurated in the usual WorldBox manner, poof and voila, now leaving us with the task of clicking every single nation and then checking their king, which may take a while. What we’re checking for is a king with four inherent traits, like Genius/Stupid, content/ambitious, honest/deceitful. Checked them all, but to no avail? Erase the islands, and put that macro to use again.

Fourth, age like wine!

Eventually, we’ll find our hapless achievement ticket. He may have deceitful, strong, tough, greedy, or any other four traits, but what matters is he has four; excluding blessed and the dwarven racial of course. Next we make sure to save, so nobody cooks our golden goose. After saving, we then let time march forward maybe a few decades, allowing our dwarf to become wise, and toothless; though not to worry, it’s promptly replaced with gold! Though if he’s already old enough and on enchanted ground, you’ll find a dwarf that’s got eight of the twenty traits needed, and without too much rigorous training!

Fifth, for unto us, a murder-hobo is born.

To aid the rest of the quest, and to get veteran, we must commit something akin to the sparrow killings of ’58, but first, we need a tool of the trade. For this, there’s multiple tools.

Tool 1 – Alien Gun

Pause, then place an alien ship at the very edge of the king’s village, erase the ship, erase the varmint that pops out. If successful, you should see a purple, glowing energy weapon in your king’s equipment! If not, just keep popping alien heads like a mirror opposite of Kill All Humans 2, until the whole village is brandishing noisy crickets! Keep in mind, these are rather goofy, and unfortunately, it only kills two at a time max, even if there’s 40 hyenas giving Team Rocket a run for their money.

Tool 2 – Fire Poker

Pause, place a good few demons at the edge of the village, erase. The king should now have a quick-swinging shishkebab!

Tool 3 – Bow

An easy way to get a good bow, regardless of your village’s technology, is spawn a ton of skeletons on an island, magnet out the ones with bows, then erase them within the village’s borders.

Tool 4 – Fire Staff

Best for last, as it’s good for lots of dead things, quick, and surprisingly effective on a dragon. Do as with the others, but with a fire mage, Pause, spawn, erase, check king.

Sixth, whose limb is it anyway?

Now, we make an arena, far from the king’s village, relocate the king to it, and if you’ve given your king a ranged weapon, make a 3×3 square of deep water somewhere in it, with one speck of land in the middle. Make the speck corrupted biome and leave the rest of the island barren, it would probably be burnt clean anyhow with the dragon.

Next, we prepare our champion, he’s already blessed, but that’s not enough! Give him the latest shroom power-up, coffee, a shield, and he’s good to go! At what though? Dwarves usually don’t attack rats for some reason, so we’ll have to settle for overgrown rats hyenas! Plus a bunch on the lone square if ranged, and watch them get nuked/whittled away, or if melee, place individually around the king, occasionally checking health. Keep at it until you’re short about 100 hyenas.

Looks like our king got the last laugh, level 10 and the veteran trait to boot! He’s still only at 9/20 so far though.

Seventh, how to mangle your dragon.

Next, after making sure the king’s topped off, in health and in buffs, we spawn in a dragon on the arena, and though we can’t buff our king’s traits for the achievement,… we can S*** on the dragon’s traits to our hearts’ desire! It may take some corralling, especially so it lands for the fire sword… eventually,… but you should inevitably have the dragonslayer trait! 10/20

Eighth,… Nerd!

Top your king off again and spawn in a necromancer, shortly you should have 11/20! Very shortly, even shorter than reading this.

Ninth,… Gamagoori Shackle Regalia!

For this, we first wait, as unfortunately the bubble works a little too well. Upon bubble expiration, it would be good to save. Next, we subject the king to hyena after hyena after hyena, constantly monitoring for the two traits,… and imminent expiration. Have crippled and one-eyed? Great! Now set your king on fire! No seriously, top him off, but don’t give him shielding, then light’em up. After a few twitches, they should have the skin burns trait, which when added with the newfound disabilities, leaves us at 14/20.

Tenth, bat soup and pain.

Good thing he’s secluded on his own personal island of torment, as now we infect the king! Why not save it for last? Because one of the traits, I’m unsure which, prevents plague later on, which is handy, but currently inconvenient. After his brief introduction to WorldBox-flu, we then dump him into the water. Why? Lightning. Why? Keep striking and checking him until he needs healed or your see traits. Bouncing him around the ocean puts out the fire on him. Eventually, you’ll now have added infected, immortal, and energized! 17/20

Eleventh, Ganking of Kings.

Now, war. Use spite on our king’s nation, then drag over the adversary’s king and over king onto the same island, leaving the poor soul at the mercy of the closest thing your world has to Saitama. Oh well, loser should’ve had four inherent traits. One punch later, we now have the regicide trait, and I know that’s not its name, but dang it, it sounds cooler.

Twelfth, Mom get the camera!

With 18/20, we now shove shrooms in his mouth and give him zombie-itus, check his traits, get our screenshot, and now we can make immortal flies to roam the earth and fill it with endless pestilence! Or just immortalize anything without having to repeatedly prison-taser the poor mook.

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  1. Use orcs instead because they have more traits like savage and regeneration which helps with the hyena part

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