Windlands – All Tablet Locations (100% Speedrun Route)

A guide to help you find where each tablet is located throughout all three levels.

Guide Contents


In this guide, I will show a video of my 100% speedrun where I collect every tablet, and provide a written step by step guide explaining the route for finding them all easily and quickly.

The written instructions are designed to serve as reminders I can check during the speedrun to remember where to go next, so they’re very short descriptions which likely won’t make sense unless you watch the video to actually see where each tablet is. They’re speedrun route notes, not beginner friendly explanations, so I recommend watching the video and following along with the notes, rather than relying on the notes alone.

I made the steps detailed and understandable for the Jungle portion of the guide, but it’s quite tedious and likely pointless, so for the City and Sky level sections I just kept the speedrun notes. If this does get any traction I’ll make it better, but right now I don’t imagine it’s worth it.


Start (1-6) [2:49]

  • Go left, follow the path into a cave to find tablet 1
  • Climb to the highest point of the tree outside the cave to find tablet 2
  • There’s a mountain far off behind the start of the level. Tablet 3 is at the top of there.
  • Reset to the start. Turn right and follow the path to a cave in a rock. Drop down the hole to find tablet 4
  • Reset to checkpoint. Turn left and climb past the trees. Tablet 5 is on a small stone structure high in the side of the wall
  • Tablet 6 is nearby, slightly higher up, on top of stone cubes

Left (7-11) [4:08]

  • Head towards the robot and grab the checkpoint. Continue forward and left from the checkpoint. Tablet 7 is Inside little house.
  • Exit house. Tablet 8 is in a cave round the back of the tall mountain column.
  • Reset to checkpoint. Climb mountain on right, tablet 9 is just behind the little tree at the top.
  • Look out off the ledge from last tablet. You should see tablet 10 inside the big tree nearby.
  • Exit the tree to the right, go up a little into the dark area, and you should find tablet 11 in a clearing there. This area is beneath the robots hand.

Robot (12-18) [5:06]

  • Tablet 12 is inside the palm of the robot’s left hand.
  • Grab checkpoint near the robots head. Jump off toward the robot, and you’ll find tablet 13 inside a small cave on the robots shoulder.
  • Reset to checkpoint. Climb up to the top of the tree above the robots head to get tablet 14
  • Head away from the checkpoint, to the corner of the stage. There’s a stone ledge hiding tablet 15
  • Reset to checkpoint. Tablet 16 is inside the robot’s head, on a tree root.
  • Jump out the hole where the crystal is, and you’ll find tablet 17 on top of the robot’s right middle finger.
  • Tablet 18 is inside the palm of the robot’s right hand.

Right (19-23) [7:11]

  • From the start of the level, head right and go across the floating islands to the checkpoint. Tablet 19 is in a hole in the wall to left once you grab the checkpoint.
  • Exit the hole, and go up. Tablet 20 is on top of the wall.
  • Tablet 21 is inside the building in front of the checkpoint
  • Go all the way right to where the crystal is. Tablet 22 is on the underside of this island.
  • Tablet 23 is on the grass on the same island.

Middle (24-30) [8:20]

  • Reset to checkpoint (the one by tablet 19). Head left, and tablet 24 is by the big tree across the gap.
  • Go to the next island, tablet 25 is halfway up in a crevice round the back
  • Grab nearby checkpoint. Tablet 26 is above it, in a cave under a stone ledge.
  • Go out through the cave, turn right, you’ll find tablet 27 on a stone ledge
  • Reset to checkpoint. Look left, go explore the cave in the side of the wall to find tablet 28
  • Reset to checkpoint. Head forward and up to the rock formation to find tablet 29
  • Look up and find the big rock held in the air by a tree root. Tablet 30 is on top of it.

Middle P2 (30-40) [10:15]

  • Grab nearby checkpoint below you. Tablet 31 is low down in a little hole round the back of the mountain.
  • Climb up, away from checkpoint, find the little house. There’s a hole in the back of it, where you can find tablet 32.
  • Exit the house, turn right, follow along between the mountains to find tablet 33 on a pipe.
  • Turn back, hug right side, keep going until you find the half bridge thing. Tablet 34 is below it in the open.
  • Go up the mountain from last tablet. You’ll find the tablet 35 inside a circular dome stage sort of thing.
  • Reset to the checkpoint. Go up and right and grab the next checkpoint. Tablet 36 is near the checkpoint, and 37 is on a floating rock just past it.
  • Turn back to face the checkpoint. Jump a bit to the right, and follow along the side of the island. Tablet 38 is on a grassy bridge.
  • Reset to the checkpoint. Climb up tree roots and find tablet 39 between the roots and the underside of the island.
  • Keep climbing up, you’ll find tablet 40 on a floating rock in the parkour section.


Start (1-3) [13:23]

  • Behind start
  • Left on path to first checkpoint
  • Top of tower on left

Left (4-16) [14:05]

  • Low inside tower after fork in road
  • On bridge high to the left
  • On grass round back of building to the left
  • Right and forward a little. Below small bridge
  • Left, Inside bottom of tall tower
  • On top of the same tower
  • Halfway up lighthouse type building on mountainside
  • On grass nearby
  • On building on first floating island
  • Wood plank on very tall tower
  • Bottom of second tiny floating island
  • In rock cove round back of big floating island
  • Grab crystal
  • Up, on top of big tree. Reset back to CP

Middle (17-33) [17:06]

  • Forward and right a bit, in wood frame
  • On grass between wood and next CP
  • Up and across. In through window.
  • Out other window, on grass
  • Right, below next checkpoint
  • Grab checkpoint, climb tower
  • Forward from checkpoint, on back of building
  • Head towards where big robot is. Above column by checkpoint.
  • Forward left from checkjpoint. By tree
  • Past tree, climb tall tower
  • Turn around, in wood frame left of tree
  • Under stone arch / bridge to left
  • Drop down right toward robot. On stone ledge
  • Climb back over building, stay low, go left. In cave
  • Climb up, far back buildings, on low pipe
  • Face back, right, on small ledge midway up tall building
  • Inside ship atop tower

Right (34-40) [21:05]

  • Right. Drop down to lowest building Head across grass islands.
  • In first big gear
  • Up, left. On big structure
  • In back of next gear
  • Back of building by next checkpoint
  • On ledge far left past checkpoint
  • Climb to tallest point. Find tall building wth two gears in side to the left. Below lower gear.


Start (1-10) [23:59]

  • Behind up top
  • Before checkpoint, ledge on bottom of island
  • Right of checkpoint in house
  • Underground between house and ship
  • Far corner of world underground
  • On ship
  • Mid air near checkpoint
  • On top of mountain under 2 trees nearby
  • In tall house near checkpoint
  • In tall ship nearby

Right (11-24) [26:36]

  • On top of tiny island with tree, forward right up
  • Around next island, on front of ship
  • Above next checkpoint
  • On tiny building in side of island
  • On wood ledge next island
  • 2 islands in front of checkpoint. On ledge.
  • 2 more islands. In rock hole
  • 2 more islands. By boarded house
  • Up up up, on tiny floating rocks
  • Below floating rocks
  • By next checkpoint, behind house
  • In broke tower, follow path, window of upside down chapel
  • Up, outside chapel door
  • In front of you, heading away from the chapel

Left (25-38) [31:03]

  • Left from middle checkpoint, on ledge, bottom of big island
  • Climb up. On top of rocks
  • Midway down connected island on ledge
  • On top of next island with checkpoint
  • Carry on, between rock arch and island
  • Front half of broken ship
  • Bottom of connected island on wood
  • Mid air between small islands
  • Mid air between small islands
  • Up from checkpoint. On house
  • On big rock, on big island by ship
  • Mid air off top of same island
  • Past checkpoint, big island, ship by house
  • On sail of big broken ship on next island

Middle (39-40) [36:00]

  • Above checkpoint on tiny crystal island
  • On top of arch
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