Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade – How to Beat the Eldar Province

Tips Against Eldar

1) Don’t get demoralized – this is easily one of the hardest maps in the game cause it is so large and has no global choke points but is full of areas perfect for setting up back up bases. If you aren’t quite comfortable with rushing or are playing 1 v 2; this map is going to stump you at first.

Even if you are generally good at the above you’ll need to either have mastered it for your faction or have foreknowledge/luck. but is also a good thing cause you will learn aggressive early gameplay by the time you are done.

2) All of the above is made 5x harder cause it’s probably full of eldar. Which means that even if 1 v 1 if there are fortified at level 5 and you are walking in without an honor guard, y5ou’re gonna have a long slog ahead of you.

(If 1 v 2 and playing with any of the mods that up difficulty like titanium wars – you will probably need to wait for a large honor guard and leeroy straight to one of the bases to knock it out early).

Recommended: When you reach the Imperial Mining World of Pavonis, a map of the servitor’s locations will come in handy, as will the locations of the enemy headquarters sites.

Regardless – You can still get it done without honor guard/foreward base even as 1 v 2 as guard. The core strategy is going to be the same whether you have an massive honor guard/are playing a great rush faction,. ard you aren’t gonna be tier 1 rushing the Eldar and overrunning them with guardsmen. Must keep them hemmed in in their base.

And that means the very first thing you are gonna do is send over engineers.. to build turrets. try to seal their base off for as long as possible while your (underdeveloped) troops secure all of the nearby points.

You will feel frantic and that is the right instinct – but once they are up and running it will take a hot second for the enemy to respond with proper anti-vhicle to push through your turrets. just keep building them. you cant beat an AI is micromamangaging a game with ♥ pathfinding etc.

After that stick a motorpool there and start moving iun move untis, etc. You will effectively starve them out. If they did manage to sneak anyone out before you closed them off – they should a a rump to finish off rather than the same pita you had before.

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