War Hospital – Useful Tips / Strategy

Useful Tips / Strategy for New Players

The difficulty compound later on which means that all your attempts to save everyone is considered unwise. This game is secretly a capitalist game, every soldier has their value indicated with the chevrons or social status.

At the start of chapter one, only soldiers with 2 or higher chevrons are worth saving. Even then, if the medicine cost is too high, you should simply ignore them even if you have plenty of medicines at that point. Remember, the difficulty compound later on and you will run out of medicines needed for better values soldiers if you use them without care. Alternatively you can amputate them for morale fodder but most of the time, morale isn’t an issue.

In chapter 1, you need pharmacy running 24/7 and everything else for engineering is just meant for upgrade and more upgrades. As long you play this as a capitalist, you can balance your shipments for food and medicines.

At mid to late game, there will be VIP general which you need 3 working nurse to save. You cannot save him with anything less.

During chapter 1, you will also get VIP to save which later become your personnel, 1 medic team (2 vip), 1 engineer and 1 doctor. You need to save them all and fortunately, they are easy to save, you just need to have the medicines stocked so they don’t die while waiting.

You will also given VIPs which you can send to frontline which reward you with morale. Yo don’t send them to frontline immediately, if you have your frontline at “strong”. Instead, you wait for the battle over then send them to frontline, to fortify your frontline while also get the bonus. Remember, capitalist style.

You only need 3 engineers at start, you get the 4th via VIP. 2 engineers on pharmacy and the other 2 just keep upgrading and doing events. Eventually, you will have excess manpower to get the 5th engineer and you just keep doing more events and upgrade.

I do not remember my upgrade order but I do know that I have two scout team on the second last defense phase thus I am able to scout finish the entire map and unlock all possible manpower bonus.

Personally, by end of chapter one, I am one medic short from filling up all my personnel (with T1 housing unlocked). Of course, this is after some attempts to figure out the best approach and capitalist playstyle is the best approach so far.

I remember there are two VIPs son at the end of chapter, I am not sure what they provide. I just keep send them to frontline, lol. Yes, they just keep reappearing.

Some Genaral Tips

Nurses belong in the ward helping those you can help instead of holding the hands of those you can not. The bonuses for an easy operation are so much more worth it. This is an army no room for cuddling.

I also produce as little as possible in the early game to pay for more upgrades. Being prepared will win the war.

Keep morale over 90%! You can only do it if they belive you can.

Get the wounded into the hospital as soon as possible, during a battle all medics except 1-2 delivering to the wards should be in the trenches. You need to check the wounds as soon as possible and in the hospital they live longer.

Use as little people as possible! For instance the cheap upgarde splints will do as much as 2 of your nurses to prologe lives, forever, 24/7, for 3 drafts or something! If a mashine can do a job let the mashine do it.

And most important dont treat the wounded as humans they are human ressources. That means treatment only for those worth it (2,5 supplies per level). And nobody leaves the hospital above ground, its the trenches or the ditches! You cant afford to feed useless mouths. This is an army losing a total war not a charity!

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