V.A Proxy – Some Tips for Dealing with the First Boss

Just mashing out some scatterbrained thoughts and a list of all the attacks i noticed and how to deal with them since I saw a lot of people struggle with this, or even suggesting just ignoring melee attacks entirely for drone spam or baiting teleport slash parries for the entire fight. I probably missed stuff but hopefully this helps figure out where his openings are and how to actually use your kit.

How to Deal with the First Boss

Note: Credit goes to k7

General Tips

First off, if you havent found the list of controls: you can lock on by hitting tab (keyboard) or clicking the right stick (controller).

Secondly, tips on weapon usage: you may have noticed that if you press parry after your first swing, you’ll pull out your secondary weapon and continue the combo with that instead. This means that both weapons have a viable ground combo, the short blade’s combo starter is much faster but the heavy blade’s starter has a deceptively long range, pick whichever is most comfortable to you.

Thirdly, about the way he reacts to attacks: usually if you hit him he’ll block and then will go flying backwards after the second or third hit, this isnt always consistent and it seems builds up over time. So be ready to stop and dodge if you knock him back after only the first hit of your combo, he’ll usually counter with projectiles or the dashing tackle which will hit you if you follow through all the way to the end of your combo.

Also, if you parry him then he’ll get knocked back and immediately counterattack, so if you try to get any cheeky extra hits in after you’ll probably take damage.


3-hit combo

His most common move, he’ll run up to you and swing twice, then do one of two finishers depending on how close you are to him, if you’re close he’ll do a spinning slash, if you back off he’ll do a dashing tackle

  • As of the new patch all of these are now parriable (blue) except I think the tackle (red).
  • Even without parrying both finishers leave an opening for you to get a combo off, if you’re feeling ballsy you can hit him after the second swing to cancel the finisher, or even jump over the spinning slash and do the slam attack on him.
  • It’s actually incredibly easy to heal here, there’s a sweet spot where you’re close enough to trigger the spinning finisher but not close enough to actually get hit by it, dodge away from the first hit, immediately hold the heal button and stand just outside his range, be ready to dodge out of the heal animation if you think you’ll get hit (probably unnecessary now since these are parriable and parrying heals you, but probably still good to know).

Dashing tackle

  • Sometimes he’ll do this standalone too, try to punish with a combo.

Teleport slash

  • He’ll usually only do this if you’re very far away from him and the startup animation is fast but fairly distinctive, parriable, he’ll often start the fight with this too.


The big one, creates a dome that shows you the AOE of the move, then attacks the entire area with slashes, just get out of the dome before it goes off, a big healing opportunity if you need it.

  • You can parry this if you get stuck in the AOE, just parrying the start will be enough to survive the rest unless you’re at low health, and you can attempt to parry while you’re getting hit to mitigate more damage after that.
  • Will always follow this with teleport slash if you stay far away where the slashes couldn’t hit you, easy parry.


As far as i’m aware these are all unparriable.

Single shockwave

Will do this a lot to counter after he’s been knocked back, simple enough to avoid.

Multiple shockwaves

Often does this as a follow-up after the tackle, if you’re fast enough you can hit him after the tackle and before this starts but otherwise, just run to the side or dodge and hit him afterwards.

Big shockwave

For lack of a better name, shockwave that covers the entire arena, very long startup animation, can dodge or jump over, you can hit him afterwards if you’re fast but he’ll often do this when you’re far away so maybe you wont get in in time.

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