Turbo Dismount – On a Mission from God Achievement Guide

Hello guys, im writing this guide because i really struggled to get this achievement, and i wanted to explain the best way to get it.

So what you wanna do, is basically destroy every vehicle completely, the only parts remaining will be the wheels and the core.

I tried to get it on normal levels like t-junction and freeway, but i just wasted an entire day. Popping this achievement on normal levels is almost impossible, i was missing a vehicle but i didn’t even know which one. After some hours i tried to look for a workshop map, to check if achievements were possible in community-made maps, and it looks like it is possible to get it. So here’s my guide:


Search for Giant Palm Tree Explosion inside the workshop. Download the map and just “dismount” every vehicle inside those palms. It is gonna take about 15 minutes to get all the vehicles destroyed.

This is the fastest way to get it. Always check every car is shredded to the core.

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