Total Tank Simulator – How to Win the Majority of the Battles!

This guide has as an objective help to win the great majority of the campaign battles! It’s based on all my experience of playing this for 4 years since demos!

How to Win Tips

Tatics that i use when i’m doing a campaign (it can help in some comunity campaigns)!

1 – Arty win games:

Arty is the most broken units if you know how to use ’em well.

Let me explain to you: when you see a spawner the best thing so far to do is use artillery. Ok, you can use planes, but the most of the cases the AI and other players will have AA guns, it can make your operation to take out the spawner very hard depending of the situation.

By this, i always use 2 rocket arty or 4 normal arty to take out the spawner. This method is so fast that the spawner can’t stay alive for 30 seconds!

PS: Remmember to protect your arty with AA guns (if the enemy has planes).

Common numbers of arty i use to face off some units:

  • Tank group: 1 – 2
  • Infantry group: 1 – 2
  • Counter-arty: 1
  • Spawners in general: 2 rockets or 2 – 4 normal arty

2 – Use your money wisely:

Always compare the units to know what will be the best to defeat the enemy unit.

How to do this?

Simple! Select your unit and pass you mouse cursor in the enemy unit you want to comparate.

This will help you a lot in every campaign!

It’s a tip wich the game has and not everyone use.

3 – Pirate tanks can be useful:

This tip is a bit advanced,but yes! pirate tanks can be useful!

Example: In the USA campaign (Act II) you will face off the ratte. You can use one pirate tank to try cap it… (or just destroy with B29 lol). I know, it will be hard. But it only costs 260, you can try if you want.

I recommed you test it on sandbox first, because it’s hard to use pirate tanks.

4 – AA can be counter-infantry:

If you want to stop an infantry spawner push, put an AA gun! It will make em waste time and units. Can be since the machine gun AA to the AA HE gun.

PS: If someone pass a plane, AA will priorizate the plane. It can be an advantage to the enemy destroy you; the other thing much careful where you put the AA with HE. It can kill all your units before they enter in combat. Be Careful!!!

5 – ATR’s Panzerfaust is balanced (Ironic):

The panzerfaust… or as i like to call it: The nukefaust!

It’s so balanced that can blow up an entire infantry group faster than you saying “BOOM!”.

Use panzerfaust! it will down the enemy forces drastically!

PS: Use it wisely, as like the AA with HE shells, it can kill all your units if you aren’t careful with it. Be Careful Again!!!

6 – Mine spawners can be Awesome:

Mine spawners , like the Sherman dozer, can help you a lot in a battle. It’s goliaths can destroy their support (arty/AA), their attack (Infantry and depending of the HP a hole entire tank).

PS: The dozers or mine spawners are weak to enemy attack! protect’em!

7 – Mine Field are Worthless:

Unlike the goliath, the mine field are useless because one of it count as 10 other normal infantry units! I don’t recomend you to use it. (Unless you need to defend something like a VIP).

8 – The basic arty and rocket arty are enough:

I only use the basic arty wich costs 360 and the land rocket arty (220 cost), for me they are enough. I don’t use fragmentation bomb arty by it’s price, so i recommend more the stock arty and the basic rocket arty.

9 – Mobile arties are useful in wave missions:

Mobile arties are useful in wave missions, but you don’t need to spam it. 2 are enough!

PS: Put the mobile arty not so far from the front line because they can be destroyed in the next wave, if they are too far.

Don’t forget to put a recover vehicle to refill it’s ammo.

10 – Tatic bombardier are Awesome:

Tatic bombardier like HE-111, are awesome, against all the unit’s! But never send it without fighter to scout it, it will be destroyed so fast that they will not able to use it’s bombs.

11 – The majority of the missions, jets are useless:

Why jets are useless? It’s low fuel, the AI don’t use it to much making it a bit useless.

The only moment i see they can be useful it’s when i want to distract the enemy AA guns. In dogfight they aren’t much useful…

12 – Air, land and support… together are Stronger:

I know, everybody knows that all different armies together will be much stronger, so why i’m mentioning it here? Simple! Some people forget to use all the forces wich are available to use, like the air force, i don’t see much people using it in late game. In the most common cases people priorizate one of them. Wich is the land and the support.

Guys, if this guide helped you and you liked it, don’t forget to let your opinion bellow! i’ll read the comments.

And don’t forget! if you’re losing… ALT + F4 help too XD.

Hope y’all win some battles using this!

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