The Witch of Fern Island – Essences & Magical Plants

What Are Essences & What Are They Good For?

Essences are magical extracts from most of Flora found on Fern Island. They function as magical boosters which convert a regular farmed plant into a magical one with special magical abilities. Additionally Essences make such a plant often, not always way more valuable if sold at the Stall.

There are atm 2 crafting recipes which require an essence:

  • Essenced Broom requires 4 x Air Essence
  • Speed Potion requires 1x Air Essence

How to Obtain Essences?

Essences are extracted from nearly the whole range of Fern Island Flora, such as mushrooms & plants, which include farmed plants & herbs collected in the wild.

To to extract Essences you need an Essence Extractor. You can buy the Blueprint for an Essence Extractor at the register of Rogost’s Carpenter Shop.

How to Obtain Magical Plants?

Magical Plants are created by adding Essences to a regular farmed plant. To to do that the Essence has to be associated with the plant.

Every farmed plant has a with it associated Essence. That Essence can be extracted from the associated farmed plant itself but can also be extracted from other associated Fern Island Flora.

Many Essences can be extracted from several plants & mushrooms, but there is also a number of Essences which can be extracted only from one plant.

Essences for The Two Most Common Farmed Plants

Two of the most common farmed plants, which grow throughout all seasons except Frost are Onion & Garlic. The Essences associated with those two plants are Dust Essence & Moon Essence.

Dust Essence can be extracted from the following Flora:

  • Fiber Weed
  • Toadstool
  • Clove
  • Onion

Moon Essence can be extracted from the following Flora:

  • Mirage Agrimony
  • Indigo Milkcap
  • Garlic
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