The Past Within – Solo Walkthrough for Future + Butterfly Run

This guide aims to help players who have already completed FUTURE+BUTTERFLY run once. It’s not a complete walkthrough nor a 100% guide.

I’m assuming you know the basic of the game and know what to do next and when to proceed. I’ll skip any part that doesn’t require your action.

Chapter 1

  1. Year “1926”
  2. Three sliders, top to bottom, 241
  3. Clocks you need to align the three needles
  4. Six switches, top to bottom, D for down U for up


You Should Get Yellow Disk By This Point

  1. “RVBD”
  2. Teeth, I’ll use coordinates, e.g. (2,7) means the seventh on the second row

(2,9) (1,2) (2,3) (1,7) (2,5) (2,2)

  1. Year “1984”
  2. Chess board, white piece

F3 A3 C1 C6 A6

You Should Get Red Disk By This Point

  1. Three sliders, 524 (fuse 1/3)
  2. Six switches, top to bottom, D for down U for up

UUD (fuse 2/3)

  1. Clocks you need to align the three needles

(Fuse 3/3)

Chapter 2

  1. 3 by 3
  2. Six switches each with three positions (idk what this thing called in English)
  3. Circle the corresponding icon with chalk

Coffin, Eyes, Black Figure, Cube, Clock, Bone, Meat, Blood Drop

  1. Six directions on the screen, L for left R for right U for up D for down


  1. The maze, this is not the OPTIMAL solution, but it is a WRITTEN solution

L for left R for right U for up D for down, e.g. “R1” means “one square to the right”

R1 D1 R3 D4 L1 D1 R3
L3 U1 R1 U5 R2 D4 L1 U3
D3 R1 U4 L2 D5 L1 U2 L2 D2 L1 U2

  1. Where you mix meat, water, acid, coffee together, randomness from the second step, you have an accuracy achievement here so look carefully

Step 1:

  • Acid, Water, Hot Coffee

Step 2:

  • If meat is triangular: Water, Coffee, Hot Coffee
  • Square: Water, Coffee, Hot Water
  • Oval: Water, Coffee, Acid

Step 3:

  • If meat with hair: Hot Acid, Water, Hot Water
  • Pimples: Hot Acid, Water, Hot Acid
  • Smooth: Hot Acid, Water, Coffee

Step 4:

  • If meat with eye: Acid, Water, Hot Water
  • Mouth: Acid, Water, Water
  • Ear: Acid, Water, Hot Acid
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