Tequila Zombies 3 – Bugs and Freeze Fix Guide

Hey Guys! Welcome to my simple guide. I’ll make it short and Simple on How to fix the Game freezing, When the boss fight starts.

Guide to Fix Bugs and Freezes

Freeze Fix

  1. Just close your music ingame (i have tried and it worked).
  2. If it dosent work try closing both sound and music.

Sometimes when you die and start a boss fight again the game will lag even when your sound and music is off. if this may occur just restart your game but if this problem still persist. I recommend you to restart your PC/Laptop

Black Screen After Entering a Door Bug

Ok to simply put it to fix this bug you have to restart your game no strings attached.

Invisible Zombies Glitch

This may usually occur when you reset your map.

To fix this just choose another character and enter the same map.


It is important to note when doing any of these fixing methods your ingame music and sound must be off.

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