Temple of Kasthet – Temple Raiding Made Easy

A quick easy way to get out of the temple alive with your head intact.

Helpful Notes

Each time it returns to the start of a minute the Gong will sound. Use it to keep you appraised of how much time you have before you die without running back every ten seconds.

You don’t need to unlock all the rooms: just the ones I tell you to, saves you some time.


When you wake up walk over and snag the lamp.

Take it and walk into the next room.

Before we do Anything I’m going to explain the layout a bit so we can get a bit ahead ((These puns are not intentional but also unavoidable. I’m sorry))

To the left of us is the Four Blood head room. It’s barred by tokens we don’t have so moving on.

Walking into the center of the room on the sand pit looking ahead is the dead body and the two blood room. The door to our left is the eight blood room and the right is the Six blood room.

Now we’ve gotta move quick so lets go.

Grab the edge piece and run forward. Go to the door and wait for the timer to start. After it allows you to move again use it on the door. Right click to rotate it into the spot and move ahead.

To the right is the Reed room, nothing for that, go left.

Go past that to the Blessing Door and open it. Go inside and snag the long piece.

Ignore the Reed Door as it’s got nothing in there for us and go back to the main area to the Four Blood Door and open it.

Run to the right and grab the t-shape next to the bodies then turn around The Star Door on the left needs a piece we don’t have so go to the Six blood door in the Hourglass Chamber

Open it and head inside, grab the L on the far wall of the room. The Ox door is another door that leads nowhere so move back go to the eight blood door and open it using the T, L and Corner pieces.

Now head to the Pharaoh door.

Note: After you open this door you are effectively on a time crunch you do NOT have as much time as you think you do after you open this door. You’ll see what I mean in a moment so if you need to memorize these next lines feel free to if you don’t want to pause and refer to them after every step.

Open the Pharoh’s door using L and T. Don’t worry about the sound, that’s just the door shutting behind us. We don’t have the piece we need so go to the mummy door – Long, T and L shapes.

Grab the Jagged piece in the Hope room then run to the door and use it and the long to get out.

You aren’t mistaken by the way… Remember how I said that you are officially on a time crunch? You DID suddenly lose a ton of time in there.

Run back to the star room. Jagged, Corner, Long and L

Get the Plus and run up the stairs:

From TOP Left moving directly across: Corner with the point in the upper right, T shape facing down, L, +, Jagged facing left, Long.

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