Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – 100% Achievements Guide

Hi, I wanted to make a quick post for people first seeing the game and what they might have to do for 100%. Its kind of difficult even when opening a guide what exactly is the right way to go about this. So the following is a quick summary of how to get started.

Simple How To 100% Summary

So with Tales of Vesperia, there are many larger achievements you will be working towards…so at first it may feel like there are way too many things but following a guide achieves most of them.

The game works as you travel through towns and areas with a overmap with roaming enemies. Sometimes having to backtrack. Eventually getting a ship and a monster to fly on you can easily travel wherever. However the main story pretty much restricts you and following the linear main story there will be many things to keep an eye on. It may feel like a lot to do but its actually more simple then it appears.

The main achievements that you will have to worry about is the speed run, low level runs which are explained in the guide. The first play through will be your 100% and in the final before starting new game + you will buy things to help you through these play through.

The other achievements are obtaining all titles, doing all the side quest, magic lens all enemies, use all save points, get all secret missions complete, and view every skit.

Okay seems like a lot right? Its not as bad as it looks. Yes you have to follow a 100% missable guide. But for the most part you can do everything else on your own. OR not as you can follow multiple guides.

Personally I recommend, following a save point guide just to know when the next is. If you personally remember to magic lens every enemy and every single boss add and phase split then you are good. You have to be careful as almost always a boss changes phases or has adds you can magic lens again. IF you remember this, you don’t need to follow a guide. HOWEVER, it would be wise to lookup potential missable enemies SPECIFICALLY ONES ONLY IS TEMPORARY AREAS. It is easily possible to miss a missable roamable field enemy. I didnt worry about cleaning up roaming enemies until last part of the game as long as you know the missable zones and roamable enemies. You also don’t need need to follow a guide for each secret mission but remember the name of the next boss for the next mission and when the time comes you can pull up a how to.

The skits can all be done in NG+ by buying the ability to watch all skits at the end of game 1. You reach an area in NG+ you can watch them all. So dont even sweat that one.

So in short, follow a 100% guide and a guide for save points. The 100% guide just for subquest and missables. Only two small things. Remember to magic lens every enemy, very important to restock every chance you can. View skits in NG+ by buying with grade at end game. Look up secret missions upon reaching boss.

With this strategy it is actually way more chill then feeling like you have to keep up 5 guides and constantly be looking things up. I hope this short summary atleast explains to beginners what you need to do Good luck!

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