Tale of Immortal – Character Creation Tips

Character Creation

When you create your character’s appearance, you may see a red tag applied. This means you picked a clothing choice that boosts your charm. Charm is largely meaningless, so don’t worry about this.

Out of all your starting stats, only four are truly relevant. You should reroll until you have starting fates with meaningful boosts to them if you want to make things easier for yourself:

High perception will make it easier to learn manuals and more importantly, give you more reroll points for improving traits later. This cannot be increased permanently, so your starting stat is very important. Aim for at least going over 100, ideally significantly more if you feel like rerolling/using the trainer.

Luck is also very helpful. It cannot be increased permanently as well and you will encounter a large amount of random events in the game. Less important than perception, but helpful.

Agility is your movement speed in combat. There are only two starting fates that increase this (one for an achievement). The boost is however pretty small (20 points), but it does help a lot very early on. You can pass up on boosting this, but it is helpful.

Starting Attack/Defense makes the very start easier, but the value quickly becomes meaningless. If you can get a boost, it helps, but it’s not critical.

All other stats are either not important to boost or any starting fate becomes meaningless almost immediately.

Just/Demonic isn’t very important, although there’s a questline much later where you may be compelled to follow the demonic path even as just character, you will shift by 50 points for it. If you go for the above-mentioned boosts, you will likely end up as Just character.

Incidentally, almost all starting fates are borderline useless, and the achievements actually add more that you don’t need. Getting more achievements makes it harder to get good starting fates. Enjoy the mindnumbing rerolling.

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