Super Life (RPG) – The Easter Egg Hunt Guide

This is a basic guide for finding all 8 of the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt.

What is the Easter Egg Hunt?

The Easter Egg Hunt was added to the game a few versions ago, and involves finding 8 hidden eggs throughout the world to give to Donald in Washington, DC.

Egg Locations

The 8 eggs are located as follows.

Sewer Egg

Check the manhole just outside of dad’s house in Sun Villa. This egg can be obtained at any point, and involves completing a 2D platforming challenge. The coins in that level also give you 100 Klick Coins each when you finish the level.

Easter Egg

Visit North Park from the sign outside of Sun Villa High School (accessible once you unlock the Park area of Sun Villa at level 5). Talk to Erik and agree to help him, then roll the large snowball into all of the snowmen. Talk to Erik again and he will give you this egg.

Clock Egg

Check the clock tower in Golden Springs at 3AM to get this egg. You will need to use a Time Potion or have the Time Stone and advance time 2 hours to get to 3AM, or will need all possible items to reduce the time you wake up to as early as possible (all beds, Pillow, Alarm Clock, and Sleep Pills).

Philo Egg

In the right side of Area 51, there is a small box down an alley called the Farnsworth Box. Grab this and take it to the Philo. T. Farnsworth Memorial at Farnsworth University in Sun Villa. Checking the pillar while you have the box will get you the egg.

Pirate Egg

Buy the $30,000,000 mansion in Diamond Bay and walk through the tree line on the upper right of the back yard. Take the Pirate Cove Key from the end of the maze and use it to unlock the Pirate Cove on the beach to the west. The egg is the only thing in the cove.

Desert Egg

Buy the RV from Jesse, who lives in the house closest to the beach in Diamond Bay that isn’t buyable. The RV is parked in a lot just off the southern beach of Diamond Bay, and will take you to New Mexico. You can find the Desert Egg in a large chest to the west of the RV, but you need Level 7 Enchanted Boots to reach it before the 5-second counter runs out.

Fairy Egg

First you will need to get an AmaZONE I.D. from Darnell at AmaZONE HQ. Obtain the Golden Tooth from the fountain behind the AmaZONE warehouse (the warehouse is in the southeast corner of Diamond Bay). You will also need 3 teeth, which can be obtained by finishing the quests for Erik (North Park), John (Sun Villa), and Jason (Diamond Bay). Go to the Golden Springs carnival and enter the hidden alcove through the trees north of the prize tent, then use the bed. Give the 3 teeth to the Tooth Fairy to get the egg.

Cat Egg

Buy the Kitty costume (100,000 Klick Coins) from the Genetics Lab in Diamond Bay (located at the Seaport). At 9PM, attempt to watch a movie at the Diamond Bay Theater (west of the Stadium) to be taken to Cats. Make your way to a small park to the northwest and talk to Claw, then go back into the main part of the cat town and tear down the 3 posters (one is on Kitty Sushi, one is on PaulMart, one is on Whiskies). Return to Claw and get the pass from him, then go north through either checkpoint and speak to Taylor. Check the factory on the east side of town to get the cat food from Scar, then go talk to Claw again. You can either distribute the food as Taylor asked and tell her about it or go lie to her about it immediately, it’s your choice. Either way, Taylor will give you the Cat Egg when you talk to her at that point.

Using the Eggs

Once you have all 8 eggs, go to Washington, DC via the Airport in Diamond Bay or the golden helicopter at Elon’s Mansion (which costs $100,000,000 to buy, so the airport is likely to be more practical). Talk to Donald and eventually he will ask for the eggs. Give them to him to get access to the maze in back of the White House.

There are 4 chests in this maze, each containing $25,000,000. There is also the Tomb of the Presidents in the center, which contains the EXP Stone. And that concludes the Easter Egg Hunt!

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