Stones of Solace – Basic Guide

Simple guide – for simple game. If you aren’t sure what to do in the game – or with it – look here!

How to Play Stones of Solace

How to Play

Very simple – you only need your mouse for that:

  • Click on the idol to begin making your offering.
  • Pick whatever item you want with your LMB – hold it while moving around!
  • Rotate that item with your RMB.
  • Found that perfect place? Put it down by releasing your LMB!

That’s it! You’ve learned the basics!

From now – rinse and repeat as much as you want… or not at all.

Remove last peace that you put down if you don’t like it – there’s Undo button.

When you are done – press Done!

How to Enjoy the Game

Yep. Just do it! What else there to say?

Possible Issues and Troubleshooting

Problem – It’s too loud!

Solution – Sorry, no volume meter in-game. ON of OFF only. Adjust your computer sound!

Problem – It doesn’t autosave my screenshots!

Solution – Check that option is active in the menu (it’s in the top right on the opening screen)

If it still doesn’t work – check that you are online! For whatever reason it doesn’t take screenshots while Steam is in offline mod or if you are not connected to the internet in general.

And if you still want to play while offline (or has to) – remember, you can take screenshots yourself! Just time it right, that’s it!

Problem – Achievements don’t show on profile showcase and don’t count for total!

Solution – Get every one of your friends and family (and also their dog / cat / hamster or even fish!) to play the game! Make and post screenshots and art! Push Steam to fully integrate the game so profile features stop being limited!


Hope this will help some confused souls. Or at least make someone laugh.

Either way – I did it just for fun, because I had fun with the game, because I want more people to have fun and enjoy this little gem.

Yes, I talk about the game… Though if you enjoyed this guide – it’s nice too!

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