Station to Station – Useful Tips

Tips for Noobs

Make sure you are using your cards as much as you can.

“Free Parallel Tracks” card can help a lot, you can use it to cross water for free if there is a rail next to it, this can be very beneficial if you don’t have any “Free water bridges” or “Cheap Bridges” cards

Use your “Heavy Freight Train” card as much as you can but make sure you always have one left for that big stack bonus you have been setting up for.

Some Star Challenges do not have to be finished when your done with the level, you can go back after and get the star, once it is full you can just save/quit and you will have the star, no need to replay the whole level

The levels that have cards you will always get a certain set, But some cards are RNG (random) so if your using one of the videos to complete the challenges you might not get the exact set of cards in the video but there are only a few real close fund challenge levels that this will make a difference on

The way the levels are completed in the videos are just the way I did them, The design of the levels are pretty awesome so there are so many ways to complete each level

Remember if you place a rail not to your liking just use the “reload checkpoint” it will go back to your prior connection

Take the time to plan out where you are going to use the “Mixed Train” cards (Freight and Passengers) as some levels you might just get one.

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