Sonic Frontiers – How to Get Easy Infinite Skill Points (No Cheats or Hacks)

In this guide, I will show you how to legitimately and quickly get skill points, fruits of power and defense, hearts, and coins. It’s renewable, you don’t have to fight, and is very easy.

Guide to Get Easy Infinite Skill Points

The Way 1

The Setup

Needs Air Trick to work

Get in the area shown on the map above. The spring will be hidden in a crate, but it will glow a blue aura and should be easy to spot. Once on the spring, preform tricks and try to stay center. Once you fall, you should bounce off the spring and continue the cycle.

The Rewards

You will get around 100 Points per 3 seconds, meaning 2,000 Points per minute, or 120,000 Points per hour.

The Way 2

The Setup

Needs Cyloop to work

This strategy is very hit-or-miss, so you wont always get rewards. Probably 60% of the time.

Find an area without any thing like grass or trees nearby. After that, make very quick and tiny circles repeatedly.

The Rewards

I haven’t done a lot of testing, but I this collects quite the rewards. Most of the time, you get rings. This will insanly fast fill up your stash of coins. Sometimes though, you can get Skill Points, hearts, or even fruits of power or defense. This is infinite, and probably will get patched out so do it while you can!


The two strategies given are a great way to grind great amounts of Skill Points, coins, fruits of defense and power, and rings.

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