Smalland: Survive the Wilds – Where to Find Certain Resources (+ Map)

Crafting Resources

  • Chitin: Bugs – not ants.
  • Silk: Spider cocoons or killing spiders see west to north west of map you can’t miss the webs.
  • Flint: Sea shore primarily.
  • Insect Fur: Bees.
  • Seeds: Rye, Poppy, Mauve, Foxgrass – if it looks like it has a seed it probably does.
  • Metal: North West, I found plenty in what looked like old storm drains near where Nox is.
  • Honey Crumble: Bees, you will find a lot around by Dust.
  • Bones: Gecko’s – around where the Rhino Beetle is (west shoreline) will also give Herptile Hide.
  • Petals and Nectar: Poppys.

Map for Referenece

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