Slasher’s Keep – Parkour and Platforming Guide

A guide to ease the pain of platforming in Slasher’s Keep with emphasis on the 2nd Biome.

Parkour Why?

I know what your thinking:

Why has there never been a first-person, cell-shaded, looter slasher, roguelite game, with timed parkour sections right in the middle to slow down the fun of looting and slashing?

Well the visionary Damian Schloter could see the glaring hole in the gaming market and created Slasher’s Keep Biome 2 with:

  • Disappearing Platforms,
  • Timed Jumps,
  • Punishing Resets on Failure,
  • Button Pushing and,
  • Oftentimes required to progress

All inside a randomly generated dungeon. Glorious.


Parkour Defense

Seriously though…

All the biomes in Slasher’s Keep have platforming in them. It’s just that in the 1st and 3rd biomes (Dungeon and Library) you don’t notice that’s what you’re doing. You’re having fun slashing, looting, and jumping from wood scaffold to raised stone or bookcase to bookcase without thinking that’s you’re doing.

Biome 2 (Keep) Spiral Rooms just stick out. Whole rooms dedicated to platforming. Mobs don’t even spawn in them. It breaks immersion.

Tip: Stop Sprinting

90% of the jumps in the spiral don’t require sprinting. Get your pinky off the sprint button (shift by default) and just work on getting your timing down. Sprinting will hinder you, causing you to overshoot your landing, forcing you to correct then overcorrect. Sprint and you’ll fall to the floor, often.


All 6 of these jumps can and should be done without sprinting.

Tip: Sheath Your Weapon

Platforming in the spiral doesn’t require a weapon. No mobs spawn here and will only enter this area if you kite them in. Having your weapon out is a visual distraction, put it away.

Tip: Listen for Better Timing

Listen for the schuuk sounds the disappearing platforms make to help time your jumps. They’re rhythmic. The developer seemed to increase the volume of the next platform in sequence. So where you should be jumping next will be the loudest.

Tip: Aim for Emptiness

While it seems like you should be aiming your jump for the slit where the platform will jut from, if you want more consistent landings, aim for empty space. Not the where the tip of the platform will be. Beyond that. By about half your avatar. Think of it as trying to land with just one foot, your other dangling over the abyss.

Do not aim your cursor here:

Aim out here:

Tip: Stop Hugging the Walls

The closer you are to the wall when you start your jump the more frequently you’ll fail. Stop hugging the wall. Get your avatar out on the tip of those stupid platforms and you’ll land on the next one much more often.

Hugging the wall makes the jump harder and more inconsistent.

Tip: Don’t Try for Shortcuts

While it seems like a good idea to skip that last platform and shortcut to the goal. Don’t. It feels like the developer made invisible blocks that make taking shortcuts unreliable. A gap you could normally make, you’ll fail and fall. Just take the route the developer intended and you’ll have more consistent results. Ain’t no one speedrunning Slasher’s.

Tip: Sprint+Jump

Then there’s the other 10% where you must sprint in order to make the gap. You’ll have to get a feel for which gaps require this. And funnly enough it feels like you get a little floaty when you gap one. Like the developer added a little lift to your attemept for just these jumps. Remember. Don’t hug the walls. Aim for Emptiness. Hold shift, wait for timing. GO!

Example. Jumps 1 – 6, 8, and 9 should be done without holding sprint. Jump 7 and 10 require a Sprint Jump.

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