Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster – Mastering and Finding All Magatamas

This is going to be a guide to find and level requirements for all of the Magatamas in this game in detail.


This guide is made in mind with my SMT 3 achievement guide (in development). This is more a addition of that rather than it’s own guide in my opinion.

I won’t try to make it look as nice, as my other guides. I just didn’t want to bloat my achievement guide with just Magatama info.

Magatama Locations

Marogareh – Your first Magatama, you’ll get this at the start of the game after the conception.

Wadatsumi – Impossible to miss, you’ll have this after defeating your first boss; Forneus.

Iyomante – Can be found in the Shibuya Underground junk shop for sell.

  • 2000 macca on Normal or below
  • 6000 macca on Hard

Shiranui – Can be found in the Shibuya Underground junk shop for sell.

  • 3000 macca on Normal or below
  • 9000 macca on Hard

Ankh – There is two ways to find this Magatama.

  • One way is to get it for free by letting go your first demon; Pixie at Yoyogi Park. It wouldn’t be recommended to do so due to you missing out on the Uber Pixie if you have the Maniax or Chronicle DLC’s installed.
  • Can be bought at the junk shop in the Great Underpass of Ginza for 2000 macca on Normal or below.
  • Can be bought at the junk shop in the Great Underpass of Ginza for 6000 macca on Hard.

Hifumi – Can be found in the Great Underpass of Ginza junk shop for sell.

  • 4000 macca on Normal or below
  • 12000 macca on Hard

Kamudo – Can be found in the Great Underpass of Ginza junk shop for sell.

  • 6000 macca on Normal or below
  • 18000 macca on Hard

Narukami – Impossible to miss, given by Thor after beating him in Ikebukuro.

Gaea – Easy to miss, this magatama can be obtained at the Mantra HQ basement in Ikebukuro at the end of the southern most hall way (the same one that holds/held your male classmate) BUT you must have a strength stat of 25 to open the door containing it.

Anathema – Impossible to miss, obtained by the Ose you defeated at the Assembly of Nihilo.

Miasma – Impossible to miss, obtained by the Mizuchi you defeated at the Kabukicho Prison.

Murakumo – Can be opened in a blue cache cube in a room, after defeating the last of the Onis in Ikebukuro Tunnel.

Nirvana – Can be found in the Asakusa junk shop for sell.

  • 15000 macca on Normal or below
  • 45000 macca on Hard

Gehenna – Can be found in the Asakusa junk shop for sell.

  • 30000 macca on Normal or below
  • 90000 macca on Hard

Geis – Can be given by a child manikin by beating all 20 puzzle boy levels in Asakusa. If you’re having trouble with the puzzles (or simply don’t want to bother with them) a video guide will be provided below:

Djed – Impossible to miss, obtained by the Moirae sisters you defeated at Obelisk.

Muspell – After beating the Moirae sisters and saving your teacher at the Obelisk, go to Shibuya In the middle of the plaza there will be a street you can walk down in. Then turn left behind the building (the camera won’t follow). At a full Kagatsuchi you can enter in and see some Manikins and a Baphomet. You need a full Kagatsuchi or else you won’t be able to get this Magatama. Tell the Baphomet to “Summon the damn thing.” Baphomet will summon an incomplete Mara to fight as a result. After beating Mara you will get the Magatama. 

Location of the street and the direction to walk to.

Kamurogi – When you find Hikawa in front of the Mantra HQ, and you hear Futomimi’s speech in Mifunashiro, this will trigger the game to open up the collectors shop in Asakusa. The Magatama will then be for sell.

  • 45000 macca on Normal or below
  • 135000 macca on Hard

Vimana – In the collectors shop in Asakusa, for more details on how to trigger it open, look at the Kamurogi Magatama.

  • 75000 macca on Normal or below
  • 225000 macca on Hard

Sophia – In the collectors shop in Asakusa, for more details on how to trigger it open, look at the Kamurogi Magatama.

  • 120000 macca on Normal or below
  • 360000 macca on Hard

Satan – After you talk to your female classmate on top of the Mantra HQ, go back to Kabukicho Prison to fight Black Frost a optional boss. You should get it automatically after beating him.

Adama – Impossible to miss, obtained by defeating Albion in the White Temple in Temple of Amala.

Gundari – When you go to Yuakucho Station for the first time head over to the most northern part of B2. You will meet a miner spirit that wants to dig up a tunnel for treasure. He’ll ask to borrow a demon to help mine the tunnel and will offer to split whatever he finds equally. He will pick a demon at random (but fortunately you can re-roll).

Note: The demon will die, so pick a demon you wouldn’t mind giving away.

You have to wait AT LEAST 7 Kagutsuchi cycles for it to be mined out. The level of a demon will also shorten the time for it to be mined, but it will still take a while to complete.

The picture of the spirit is on the right.

The location of the tunnel mentioned is where Demi-Fiend is standing is on the left.

I recommend you doing this before the Diet building and exploring the station. When you’re done with that you can come back and it SHOULD be done.

When you come back after a while the spirit will tell you that he is finished the tunnel and that your demon has died. He will then let you in the room and split the treasure 50/50. There’s 4 chests/caches in each corner and you can only have 2 items.

The picture on the left is the location of the treasure and the loot with each chest/cache numbered.

The list of loot goes as:

  1. 10,000 macca
  2. The Kimon Stone
  3. Mystical chest (randomized loot)
  4. Mystical chest (randomized loot)

DO NOT get the kimon stone, instead get the other loot. The spirit having no clue what the stone does, will give you stone, without having to manually pick it up.

Teleport to Asakusa and exit out through the tunnel where the Collector Manikin is at. Head north and you’ll find a place called “Northern Temple”.

Picture of the temple in the overworld is below.

Go in it and the Kimon Stone will deactivate the shield for you to fight a Bishamonten. Only after beating the Bishamonten you will get the Magatama.

Kailash – Can be found in the Tower of Kagutsuchi 3 junk shop for sell.

  • 150000 macca on Normal or below
  • 450000 macca on Hard

Masakados – The last Magatama in the game to get. After getting 24 Magatama, go to the Cathedral of Shadows, and Mido will give you the Lord’s Sword. Then use the Amala link to go to Assembly of Nihilo: Marunouchi. Exit the building and then go up North East passing the Tower of Kagutsuchi. Then you’ll see the Masakado grave. The Lord’s Sword will open up the grave unlocking a new optional dungeon in the game. 

Below is the location of the grave.

You must lower four pillars and defeat four bosses on each pillar to continue on the dungeon. When you do go to the Shrine and meet Masakado. He will ask if you will bring peace to Tokyo. Respond yes, and you will get the Magatama.

Magatama Level Requirement Chart Levels 4-45

So there is 25 Magatamas with multiple skills, with multiple level requirements for those skills. Some of them you can buy, some of them you will get from fighting bosses, and others you have to go out of your way to get. You only have to learn all the skills once (and not have them equipped) to master a Magatama. So you don’t have to worry about you’re build being absolutely ***.

Despite the Magatama count being high, with the skill requirements, and skill count from these Magatamas being higher, your maximum level count is 255. So even if level requirements for skills overlap (and they do), it is not a strict process to the point where you have to follow a guide like a bible. You can switch out Magatama for skills to make it efficient as possible.

The following is a chart of the Magatamas Skill Level Requirement, sorted by level:

Lvl ReqThe SkillMagatama
6Life BonusMarogareh
7Ice BreathWadatsumi
9Fire BreathShiranui
11Mana BonusWadatsumi
12Fast RetreatAnkh
14Fire BoostShiranui
15Ice BoostWadatsumi
18Heat WaveKamudo
21Fog BreathWadatsumi
22Force BoostHifumi
24War CryHifumi
25Mind’s EyeKamudo
26Elec BoostNarukami
28Mana DrainAnathema
31Wild DanceMiasma
32Violet FlashNirvana
34Void MindMurakumo
36Life AidIyomante
37Void NerveMurakumo
38Evil GazeAnathema
39Life RefillGeis
40Chaos BladeMurakumo
40Void ForceHifumi
41Divine ShotNirvana
42Void CurseMurakumo
42Void FireGehenna
44Void ElecNarukami
45Mana GainGehenna
45Void IceMiasma

Magatama Level Requirement Chart Levels 46-84

X = No level requirement

Lvl ReqThe SkillMagatama
46Life GainKamurogi
48Iron ClawKamurogi
51Jive TalkSatan
51Mana RefillGeis
52Glacial BlastMiasma
55Void DeathSatan
56Void ExpelNirvana
56Xeros BeatMuspell
58Mana AidSatan
59Drain AttackSophia
60Bolt StormAdama
60Fire DrainGehenna
60Ice DrainMiasma
62Mana SurgeAdama
64Wind CutterGundari
65Deadly FurySatan
65Magma AxisGehenna
66Force DrainGundari
67Elec DrainAdama
68Javelin RainVimana
70Holy WrathSophia
71Life SurgeVimana
72Spiral ViperGundari
73Hades BlastVimana
74Gaea RageGaea
76Attack AllGaea
xElec RepelMasakados
xFire RepelMasakados
xForce RepelMasakados
xIce RepelMasakados
xPhys RepelMasakados

Note: Pierce will stay locked and will not unlocked unless you beat the Fifth Kalpa in the Labyrinth of Amala. So this means the Pierce is a DLC exclusive skill. DO NOT step in the tower of Kagutsuchi before going through the Labyrinth of Amala or else you will be locked out of this skill. And yes you need the Pierce skill for the Master of Misfortune achievement

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