Scrutinized – How to Play

How to Play

This game gives you the shivers and makes you scared for sure, the kind that you shouldn’t play home alone. Anyways basically you are a detective and you are working from home and you use your computer to figure out if the suspect is guilty or not guilty. It can be hard but you use things on your computer like checking suspect search history, suspects texts etc.

While your doing things that you do someone is trying to break into your house for some reason thinks you have v bucks or something along those lines.

And you check your cameras to see if there creeping on your lawn like its Halloween and sometimes these guys shut off your internet, lights, power and even opens your windows weirdos huh.

To make sure your safe while being the best detective:

  1. Lock all windows before going to your computer when starting.
  2. While working listen for sounds like a window opening or shuffling outside.
  3. If your power goes out turn it on ASAP (As Soon As Possible).
  4. Don’t doodle do your work or you will fail and if internet goes out keep in-mind you CANNOT move while internet is restarting.
  5. Keep all lights on at all times.

(Make sure you guess right for suspect otherwise to many wrong guesses you will also fail).

That’s pretty much it hope you have fun playing this game i thought it was fun so good-luck gamers.

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