Farm Manager 2021 – Quick Start Guide for New Players

For me, the tutorial left me floundering. This guide is for a working, profitable farm before the end of the first winter. It consists of 8 cow sheds, 4 goat pens, 4 sheep pens, 4 chicken coops and manufacturing of 6 different dairy products in 3 facilities.

Beginners Guide (How to Start)

First Things First

  • Use free mode
  • All game sliders should be set to Normal for this walk through. You won’t need the extra help of “Easy”, but, you can if you want to.
  • Press Pause as soon as the game loads.
  • Go to Management tab, select training and start to research cheaper buildings. You will need to keep an eye on this once you start time and start the next training stage as soon as possible.

Power and Roads

Every farm needs power and roads. To make a good start easier, I suggest placing them down first. (See diagram below).

Power lines

  • From the left, place a transformer next to the main road and connect it to the nearby power pole.
  • Place a second transformer half way along the eastern fence and connect it to the first.
  • Place a third transformer in north east corner and connect it to the second.
  • From the left start your first paved road (road option 2) in the eighth square about 24 squares long.
  • Complete by placing one more transformer to form the corner of a right angle with the last one and the second one. The final one is by the road.

You now have a rectangle of power lines approximately 21 x 31 squares.


  • From the left start your first paved road (road option 2) in the eighth square about 24 squares long.
  • 6 square from your paved road place a two lane road 4 sections long. (you have a gap of 6 squares between the two roads.
  • Place a second paved road parallel to the first one and about the same length.
  • Now transect your short two way road with paved road to form two rectangles of 6 x 7 squares.
  • Your second east/west paved road is placed 7 squares from the transect road forming a rectangle of 6 x 14 squares.
  • Place the final paved east /west road 10 squares from the second to form a rectangle of 9 x 14 squares.

If your North/south roads are too long don’t worry, you can join them up or delete excess later, if needed,

Start Farming


  • Place your first shed in the North East corner one square in from the fence. place shed two next to the first then leave 3 spaces before placing shed 3 and four.
  • Join the four sheds to your long paved road.
  • Place another four sheds, to mirror the first four along the second long paved road and join the sheds to the road (See image above).

Note: If you have any excess road you can delete it now.


  • Place one Silo in the three square spaces between sheds 2 and 3 (I chose large, however, you can use a small or medium, but, you may need to add another later, so, leave space).
  • Place a barn in the smaller rectangle, next to the east paved road.
  • Place a warehouse next to the Barn, facing north. Attach it to the road, you may need the three spaces behind it later.
  • You may place Manure storage now, or leave it until later. If you place it, make sure it is attached to the left hand shed at the bottom of the west long road.
  • You need room for 4 houses, but for now you need only 1. Use the space between shed 4 and the road (see the image above).

Animals and Staff

Start time.

  • When the buildings are done pause again and hire any available staff with Animal skills.
  • Go to the market and order grass, oats, silage and fodder beets. Or, for preference set up Trade to get supplied automatically.
  • (To trade, please see:- It is an excellent and easy to follow guide.
  • Farm Manager 2021 > Guides > KickitGood’s Guides)
  • Click on a shed, assign a worker, order 4 cows, then, select foods – grass, silage, oats and fodder beets.
  • Restart time (slow). You need a total of 8 animal workers and to fill all 8 sheds as you did with the first.

Additional Animals

  • Place 4 small sheds on either side of the topmost horizontal road parallel to the north fence. (see left image above. Connect them to the road.
  • Place 4 chicken coops above the middle road with their backs attached to the small sheds in the section and connect them to your paved road.
  • Place a further two houses in the residential corner of you Dairy section for your 12 new workers.
  • Next to your barn and warehouse place a second warehouse and a vet clinic. I have the clinic facing North into my dairy farm.
  • As you obtain suitable workers fill your new animal sheds as follows:-
    • 4 sheds for goats (10 per shed).
    • 4 sheds for sheep (10 per shed).
    • 4 sheds for chickens (10 per shed).
  • Order additional foods for the specialist requirements of each new animal. Or amend your Trade screen.

Dairy Production

  • You will need to run your farm selling milk, eggs, manure and wool for a while to make some money.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on your research. The aim is to pay a little less for your first Dairy Production facility.
  • When you have enough money, place a Dairy in one of the 6 x 7 sections facing the short two way road. Hire 4 Manufacturing workers. It is fine to leave the production as Cow Cheese. (You have plenty of cow’s milk.)
  • Run the game again to save for a second production line. You will find this on the factory’s tab immediately below the production selection.
  • When you have enough money take the second line and assign it to butter. (You may go for the more profitable Sheep’s Milk Cheese, but be cautious, you need a good stock of milk. – 1000+)
  • Back to saving again. Don’t forget to keep going with the research. You have two more factories to buy.

Final Steps

You will need your fourth house when you place your second factory.

There are a total of six products so three factories and 12 manufacturing staff will do the job.

While running the game to save money for the factories and second production lines you have no practical use for manure, eggs and wool other than the cash they can raise. Something to think about now you have a secure cash source.

You should have your Dairy farm running smoothly and profitably by the end of your first winter.

Good luck and enjoy finding out about all the other things you can do.

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