Power Champions – Guide to Character Combat, Builds and Resources

Here you can find character abilities (attack commands and buffs), character upgrades and resources (power, health, energy and special).

Character Combat, Builds and Resources

Character Basics

Character Abilities

Character abilities serve as a tool for direct combat against enemies. This category is called “Active Abilities,” meaning they depend on user interaction to occur. The default mapping for abilities is as follows:

Normal Attack: Using the left mouse button by default, this attack is used to deal moderate damage to your enemy while also regenerating the character’s energy points. The normal attack system uses a 3-stage combo, with all stages activating damage cards and some triggering speed bonuses. The final stage activates certain damage effects obtained in the game (e.g., the Rhinoceros Spirit, which summons a fire dragon on the third stage). Also, when holding down the left mouse button, you unleash a Heavy Attack, which in some characters causes continuous damage or stronger burst damage.

Skill Attack: Using the “Q” key on the keyboard by default, this attack is used to deal intense damage to your enemy while generating the character’s Special points. This attack activates damage cards and some speed bonuses. Use it carefully, as this attack consumes energy and can leave you vulnerable.

Special Attack: Using the “R” key on the keyboard by default, this attack inflicts fatal damage on minions and significant damage on Bosses during Boss Stages. Some characters also enjoy immunity during this stage. Use it wisely, as this attack consumes all of your Special and can be useful when facing powerful bosses.

Buff: Using the “E” key on the keyboard by default, this command grants a beneficial effect to the character, which can vary greatly. Some provide additional damage, while others assist in gameplay mechanics (like Lauren’s freezing effect).Use it carefully, as this buff consumes energy and can leave you vulnerable.

Utility: Using the right mouse button by default, this command provides a beneficial effect to the character while the player holds it down. This command is highly variable depending on the character (Thalya, for example, deploys a shield, and part of the damage received is converted into energy).

Character Upgrades e Resources

Resources are identified as values that serve to assist and evolve the character. We will also cover in-game resources, which are important during combat.

Specific Resources

Specific Resources are those that can be obtained to upgrade cards or character stats. Below are listed the Specific Resources:

Power: Used to increase stat points (damage, defense, or speed) as well as to upgrade the cards acquired on the maps. It is considered one of the most valuable currencies in the game and can be obtained in Farm maps (such as Ancient Stone, Way to The Gods, Dirty Lands, or Ironlands).

In-Game Resources

In-Game Resources are those used within the game and are obtained and spent within the same stage that the character is playing. These resources include:

  • Life (Green Bar): Your life bar. If it reaches 0, the player dies.
  • Energy (Blue Bar): Your energy bar, used to unleash Skill attacks (which are stronger and generate Special) and consume energy.
  • Special (Square on the right side with a percentage): Special points used to unleash the devastating attack and consume Special.
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