Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – How Not to Get Killed by Barrel Deadbeards

What’s more annoying than getting blown up by a Deadbeard in a barrel? If you want to know how not to get killed by him then this is the guide for you!

Look Back and Go Back

On your first barrel Deadbeard encounters, you probably walked backwards while facing him and shooting him. However, he can still tank those shots and on explode you, due to this high defence inside his barrel.

In Garden Warfare 2, going backwards is slower than walking forward.

So, to not risk getting blown up by a Deadbeard, simply look in the opposite direction and press the walk forward key.

Depending on the situation, the Deadbeard might not be able to catch up with you, letting him explode, fly high in the air and allowing you to freely shoot him.


Now this depends on where you are.

In Garden Warfare 2, jumping the moment you land while not pressing any movement keys will not decrease your aerial speed.

So for example, after using Super Brainz’s Kick ability in the air, which dashes you forward, when you jump as you land, you will still keep the speed that you had when you used the ability.

Also in this game, jumping the moment you land ON A SLOPE gives you extra speed relative to how steep the slope is.

So if a Deadbeard is chasing after you, and you happen to be nearby a slope, simply jump the moment you land on the slope and you will be safe.

You can also look back to the Deadbeard and shoot him for extra damage.


Or instead of doing the above, you can use an ability which changes your position or speed (if your character has any.

Some examples of those abilities: Super Brainz’s kick, Citron’s ball transformation, Kernel Corn’s Husk Hop, Foot Soldier’s Rocket Jump.

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