Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Azata Build Tips

Azata Build Tips

The casting stat only influences save DCs, so it only matters if you’ll be using offensive spells or debuffs. If you want to be a blaster, best to go with a Charisma based caster with access to good blasting spells.

On the Mythic side the build for a damage dealing caster is relatively straightforward:

  • 1) For Azata superpower, get Favorable Magic and Zippy Magic.
  • 2) Get all the Spell Penetration feats and Spell Penetration (Mythic).
  • 3) If you’re going to be primarily using one specific element, get the Element Focus feats and the relevant Ascended Element Mythic ability.
  • 4) Get the Sorcerous Reflex mythic feat.
  • 5) Get the Abundant Spells Mythic abilities if you feel you’re lacking in spell slots.

Note: To clarify, for unmerged Mythic Spellbooks, caster level and spell access is dependant solely on your Mythic Level. The caster stat only matters for DCs and possibly spell slots.

Azata Superpowers:

Zippy Magic: Hits another target within 30 feet if the original target was hit by a single target spell. Your single target spells also do an additional 2d6 + mythic level damage. Applies to both enemies and allies (ie: buff then hits 2 allies, damage spell hits two enemies if they’re close enough).

Favourable Magic: You roll twice and take the best result vs spell resistance. Enemies roll twice and take the worst result versus spell saves.Enemies that save on spells that would allow them to halve the damage or duration now take 75% of the damage/the duration is 75% as long.

Supersonic Speed: Gives you haste forever in combat. 20% chance to dodge all ranged attacks and melee has a 20% miss chance against you. All spells that target just you have a 10% miss chance.

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