One-armed robber – How to Stealth Jewerly Store

Any easy step by step guide on how to stealth the first level. You will need the Screwdriver or any other lock pick and a silenced weapon.


  1. After the Level starts grab your gear and the screwdriver. Head in the back alley and wait until the guard turns his back.
  2. Run towards the door and lock pick it (the fastest way is to do a circle motion).
  3. Open the door shoot the camera, immediately after the guard behind you that investigates.
  4. Answer the pager.
  5. Get a bag and pack your lock pick and head left, then right, toward upstairs.


  1. Pick the first door, nothing special. Pick the door on the left, behind it is a guard.
  2. After shooting the guard you can answer the pager in the break room.
  3. No pick the door to the security room, the next pager will be on a tight timer.
  4. Kill the guard on the cams, run downstairs, through the opened door then to the right.
  5. After answering the pager, tie up the civilian in the room.

The Easy Rest

  1. Get the utility room key in the break room (on a table across from the door).
  2. Use it downstairs in the back office to turn off the power.
  3. Break into the management office with the lock pick, tie up the manager and take the vault key
  4. Don’t forget to bag the money on the managers table
  5. Open the vault, lock pick the door behind it.
  6. Bag it all, might need 2-3 bags.
  7. End the Heist with 80k, there is a golden watch on the desk near the back alley door.
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