OMORI – How to Kel Nuke Guide

Think Kel is useless? Dead wrong. Let me tell you how to do one of the most damaging attacks in a single hit! Use it on that boss you have trouble with! Or if you just want to melt them down on your second playthrough!

Kel Nuke Guide


Step 1

Get FLEX and RUN N’ GUN. You don’t require any other moves unless it helps with this strategy.

FLEX is attained automatically through progress, just before the first major boss. Can’t miss it.

RUN N’ GUN you get at level 9, easy to get to early on.

FLEX seems a little underwhelming at first. You use it and Kel’s next attack will be stronger. You might think you might as well just attack twice!

Not quite! FLEX is a 2.5x increase! Essentially making the next move occur twice and a half times. Over time, you get much more effective damage out of the combo.

Note though, this does not work with multi-hit attacks, FLEX will only apply to the first hit, making it not as good for those.

Plus, Kel’s attack stat isn’t that great. Unless…

RUN N’ GUN is a single target, single hit attack. But it uses Kel’s Speed stat instead of his Attack, which is always higher than his attack power. Plus plenty of his equipment just makes that number higher!

And on top of that.

Step 2

Complete the sidequest for this TV girl so you can get at her coffee machine! If you haven’t found her yet, check at Otherworld, south of the Junkyard. You will have to walk through a wall.

Coffee is a food item that buffs speed! By how much? I don’t know but it has to be a lot, as you’ll see.

Plus, it’s renewable! Every while, you can come back to the machine and get another Coffee, usually just in time for major bosses. I cannot tell you how much time needs to pass, just check in when you get a chance.


You are now ready to perform the Kel Nuke! (For lack of a better name).

Performing it is very simple, though requires you to use the first turn to set it up for optimal effectiveness. It may take more turns depending on luck and how troublesome the boss is choosing to be.

Turn 1

You can choose to do this with any characters, depending on your available items and skills but the general setup turn will go like this.

  • One character will use Coffee on Kel.
  • One character will inflict an emotion on the enemy with an item or skill.
  • One character will inflict the advantageous emotion on Kel with an item or skill.
  • Kel will FLEX.

For this example:

Omori uses coffee on Kel, Aubrey Pep Talk-ed Kel to make him happy, Kel FLEXed

And Hero did nothing since the enemy was already angry.

Turn 2


For as long as Kel stays alive, he can do that kind of damage every other turn until the enemy is destroyed!

If they don’t instantly die anyway.

Just keep FLEXing and RUN N’ GUN-ing! Your other party members will also be free to attack now too.

With a little extra setup, like defense reduction, stacking the right emotion, or equipping Kel with exclusively with speed enhancing equipment, you can drive that damage even higher! I’ve destroyed bosses in just one attack before!


  • Happy and Ecstatic is the best mood for Kel to be in for this strategy. It increases speed and makes it even more likely to deal a crit as well. That also means you want angry enemies.
  • Other moods will work fine, as long as Kel has advantage. All else fails, keeping Kel Neutral or making sure he doesn’t have a disadvantageous mood is fine.
  • If Kel TOASTs after using coffee on him, then this strategy will be WAY less effective since he loses the buff, examples below. Have a Plan B or reload.
  • Do not use this strat if you want to preserve challenge for a fight.
  • Dino’s Dig contains a weapon that will make Kel unstoppable.


No Coffee. Flex + Run n’ Gun.

No Coffee. Just Run n’ Gun.

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  1. The COFFEE MACHINE can give COFFEE every 20 screen transitions, according to the OMORI Wiki.

    • Also, some things to boost KEL’s speed:
      Equip the CHICKEN BALL
      Equip a speed increasing. CHARM on KEL (preferably the FAUX TAIL or FOX TAIL).
      Make KEL ECSTATIC instead of just HAPPY.

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