Metal: Hellsinger – How to Fix Performance (for Budget to Medium End PC’s)

Performance Fix Guide

Hey! Do you have a low end PC or have almost the equivalent to the recommended specs or minimum specs and still for some reason running slightly below 60fps?

Let me help by making this tutorial as these helped improved my FPS over 60 despite my system able to run it at max slightly below 60.



  • Display Mode: Fullscreen or Borderless (This may vary for different people),
  • V-sync: Off.
  • FPS Cap: Refresh Rate or Unlimited.

Graphics Quality Setting

  • Anti-Aliasing: Off or FXAA or SMAA Medium or High (Depending on your system).
  • Texture resolution: Medium (Balanced) or Low (Most FPS).
  • Shadow Quality: Low.
  • SSAO Quality: Off or Low (Off for more fps, better visuals for low or med).
  • Model Detail: Low, Medium, High (Low most FPS, Medium is a balance, High for more visual fidelity).
  • World Detail: Low.
  • Motion Blur: Off.
  • Refresh Rate: 165hz (in my case, set this to the maximum refresh your display has).

Nvidia Control Panel

  • Set “Shader Cache Size” to Unlimited or what your system can handle.

My Current Setup (For the tech nerds)

  • i7-4770 3.9GHz
  • 16gb ddr3 ram
  • 1650 GDDR6 4gb
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