Magic: The Gathering Arena – Starter Tips to Build a Deck

Building Deck Tips

When first starting to build a 60 cards deck I recommend:

  1. Use the search option to look at the mythic rares (and then rares) in your collection and then decide which colors you think are best for your deck.
  2. Choose a 2 color deck (1 is too limited, 3 is too much).
  3. Balance your deck:
  • 1/3 land (20 cards)

Note: For lands: put in those that give both mana (even though they come into play tapped;, those are good) The rest use basic lands devided equally between the 2 colors.

  • 1/3 creatures (and planeswalkers)

Note: For creatures try to balance the manacost (dont put in to many 1 or 2 and definatly dont put in to many 5 mana cost or more).

So for example:

  • Six 1 or 2 manacost creatures.
  • Seven 3-4 manacost.
  • Seven 5+ manacost.

Note: Look at which creatures and spells work well together (combo and synergy).

  • 1/3 sorceries/instants/enchantments.


  • Look at which creatures and spells work well together (combo and synergy).
  • Look for cards that kill your opponents creatures (you probably need a lot).

Hope this helps a bit and good luck.

Jan Bonkoski
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