Lords of the Fallen – Hollow Crow Boss Fight Tip

How to Beat Hollow Crow Boss

I’ve seen only videos where the player repeatedly soulflays the boss to land one or two hits after which the tougher enemies of the current phase respawn.

If you have an Umbral catalyst and the Misery Missile spell, which only requires Radience 15 and Inferno 15 you can make your life a lot easier.

First kill the dangerous enemies that don’t respawn all the time (1 – wolves, 2 – sorceress, 3- axe guy), then simply hit the non-corporal boss once with the Misery Missile spell – it deals wither damage over time.

Run around and kill some minor enemies and wait till the spell wears off, then do it again. Depending on your spell power it should take 2-4 hits. When the boss’s health is completely withered soulflay her and you only need to hit her once to end the phase.

Survive the ice attacks from the backside of the arena by jumping from left to right, stay away from the boss when it reappears in the arena to avoid the blast or roll through it and then repeat the above. You’ll probably have to recharge your mana or equip something that gives you mana on kills.

It’s very easy like that and a lot quicker than soulflaying the boss repeatedly each phase. If you still have problems, take Pieta with you.

She’ll probably survive all 3 phases if you help her out a little and draws most of the attacks making the fight almost trivial.

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