Increlution – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Food and no prioritization

If you set a food-type to low priority, make sure to at least set some exploration to low priority as well, so that it’ll actually gather that food once. Alternatively, low priority can be used for manual-assist playstyles. Generally speaking though, I would recommend setting food to at least normal or higher priority. Make sure to check the “Automations tutorial” in the automations configuration tab (F1) for more detailed information about how automation priorities work!

As for decision making, there’s definitely more interesting choices further in the story. Without spoiling too much, slight story-branching/paths happen. However, you will always be somewhat limited to what’s available to you in the world you’re exploring. Things are indeed limited in how much you can train them. Some more optional training related tasks are available later, though scarce. Mathematically speaking, training one skill 90% of life would be very strong for progression. Gameplay-wise though, that gets dull quickly. The juggling between trying to focus on a certain thing while working with the limits is part of the intended design. Sometimes it’s good to do a little extra of something for experience, other times it’s good to do a little less to shave off time to spend on something else. Admittedly, the game starts off more linear than it expands to be. Partially to provide a gradual introduction to what’s available and expand upon that. Possibly even a little too gradual, but it’s too soon after the Early Access launch for me to get a proper grasp on that reception yet.

Why food type prioritization has absent. In regular cases it turns into situations where pressure stays low for a long time, until all of a sudden, you’re out of everything at once. In other situations, you actually want to have more food types at your disposal. Not being able to prioritize them means you have to adjust your approach to reach that stage as quickly as possible, so you’ll arrive with more types of food.

How, precisely, do huts work

The rate rises by 20% of the current value per minute making everything about it multiplicative and thus you should do them as early as possible so you spend more time in the lower decay portion.

How to automated

You can’t fully automate everything. Due to constant skill leveling up you get faster and faster each cycle and you can’t slow down. The faster your runs are the less DNA points you get. Someday you’ll start getting only 1 point per run while upgrades cost hundreds of points. And then once your runs start taking less than 1:55 you start getting 0 dna points so it’s pointless (pun intended) to continue. I was really hoping to be able to get at least 1 point per run no matter how fast the runs are to automate everything eventually but sadly it’s impossible.

What’s the point of the carts

After a while, you lose access to some of your previous actions and need to survive on stored food for a while. They seem worthwhile for that, but largely pointless until then.

They’re also a way to gain construction experience.

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