Impact Point – The Ultimate Counter Guide

In this guide, I will teach you the best of the best counter against every main type of combat.

The Pistol

Note: Credit goes to Woooful

The pistol is the only weapon without any special things to know about. Basically, you can counter it with any other weapon.

The Shotgun

The shotgun is a close range gun. You should be really close if you want it to hit you. As long as you have a crossbow, a revolver, or an assault rifle, or a sniper, you should defeat the shotgunner without any difficulties.

The Machine Gun

The machine gun is a weak, but fast weapon. Keep in mind, that it has a low accuracy on higher distances. You should counter it with a high range weapon, due to it being good for mainly close range. But be careful! It can still hit you, and kill you pretty easily if you are overconfident! Use doors to your advantage.

The Revolver and The Crossbow

These weapons are pretty similar to eachother. The revolver is a pretty good upgrade to the pistol, while the crossbow is a faster, but weaker version of the sniper. Use walls, and a rapid firing weapon, or a sniper to defeat them.

The Knife and The Chainsaw

The 2 meele weapons of the game. Never underdestimate the limits of these 2. They kill you insanely fast, if you let them close. They are faster than you most of the time, so get your handy machiene gun, and pay very close attention to their movement.

The Assault Rifle

Its like the croosbow, but slightly better. They will probably try to keep their distance, so bait their shot out, and try and damage them with a machiene gun, or a revolver. Be aware, that they reload really fast and you can only take 2 shots! Use cower after every opportunity!

The Sniper

The sniper is an insanely powerful weapon, but it can be easily defeated by basic movement. The sniper makes the player insanely slow, and it has a snail-like reload speed. Use walls, and get them to shoot at you, and be careful, only show a bit of your arm and then imediately get back to cower. Tif their shot missed, start running at them, and attack with a machiene gun, a shotgun, or a meele weapon if they came close.

The Minigun

The minigun is a rapid firing ♥, and it can easily destroy doors, but it comes with a slow movement speed. The only thing you can do, is to bait&wait untill they run out of ammo, or to try to shoot them with things like a revolver, crossbow, or a sniper. But hide behind walls constantly. This is important.

The Armor

The armor can turn things upside down. It dont changes too much, but keep in mind: If you see someone coming in armor, your only hope is a rapid firing weapon. Its because the armor negates the incoming damage if it breaks, so for example:

You have a sniper. Without armor, enemy dies form 1 of your shots. With armor, it takes 2 (1. Breaks the armor, and the 2. kills them)

The counters are mostly the same, without the sniper ones. The sniper cannot counter the armor. Things also change if they come against you with a minigun while wearing the armor. Its the only thing you cannot counter if the player is on the same level, or better than you. If they are a bit worse, you can figure something out. All armor minigun users are gay, so play with cautution. But there is one secret, one thing that counters them: Alt+F4.

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